The Story of a Loaf of Bread

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According to the author in the preface, he has "ventured to write this little book with some diffidence, for it deals with farming, milling and baking, subjects on which everyone has his own opinion." The earlier chapters give a brief sketch of the growing and marketing of wheat, followed by chapters on various aspects that impact the quality of wheat, the baking process and the characteristic of the final product, bread. The author aimed at making the reader realise that the farmer’s share in the production of the staple food of the people is by no means the simple affair it appears to be. - Summary by Leni (3 hr 28 min)


Wheat-growing 23:53 Read by Karl Thornton
Marketing 21:47 Read by jenno
The Quality of Wheat 31:13 Read by jenno
The Quality of Wheat from the Miller's Point of View 33:58 Read by Linda Johnson
The Milling of Wheat 26:05 Read by realisticspeakers
Baking 25:53 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Composition of Bread 15:54 Read by mpcarlisle
Concerning Different Kinds of Bread 30:11 Read by Linda Johnson