The Phantom Death and Other Stories

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(4.1 stars; 15 reviews)

This is a book of remarkable nautical ghost and horror stories written by William Clark Russell in 1893. The stories are for the most part set on ships and bring the reader on board for ghostly nights, wonderful sights, and strange occurrences. (Summary by Carolin) (7 hr 23 min)


The Phantom Death 37:50 Read by James K. White
Brokers' Bay 36:52 Read by Gareth Rowlands
The Lazarette of the 'Huntress' 38:53 Read by David McKay
A Memory of the Pacific 24:07 Read by Maria de Fátima da Silva
'So Unnecessary!' 43:02 Read by James K. White
The Major's Commission 33:53 Read by CJ Thorpe
A Nightmare of the Doldrums 42:33 Read by Molly Griffin
'Try for Her in Fifty' 41:56 Read by Clay Beauchamp
The 'Chiliman Tragedy' 47:17 Read by David McKay
The Secret of the Dead Mate 38:51 Read by James K. White
The Transport 'Palestine' 57:49 Read by Clay Beauchamp


(5 stars)

The 3rd reader kept changing the volume of his voice. I kept missing sentences because he spoke too low. Eventually I had the volume too loud to listen to while falling asleep.