The Junior Classics Volume 6: Old-Fashioned Tales

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This collection of The Junior Classics is compiled from many wonderful authors including Alcott, Dickens, Hawthorne, and Carroll. The stories are suitable for all ages and as with the rest of the series include the teaching of morals. (14 hr 32 min)


The Race for the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge 36:35 Read by Ariphron
Nelly's Hospital by Louisa M. Alcott 35:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Fox and a Raven by Rebecca H. Davis 16:24 Read by Peter
The Private Theatricals by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney 41:03 Read by Brooke Favorat
A Case of Coincidence by Rose Terry Cooke 19:00 Read by Shari Forrest
The Flight of the Dolls by Lucretia P. Hale 14:02 Read by Betsy Walker
Solomon John Goes for Apples by Lucretia P. Hale 8:41 Read by larryhayes7
Wild Robin by Sophie May 12:38 Read by Brian James
Deacon Thomas Wales' Will by Mary E. W. Freeman 23:03 Read by Kathleen Moore
Dill by Mary E. W. Freeman 17:42 Read by birdinthegarden
Brownie and the Cook by Mrs. Dinah M. Craik 17:44 Read by Nan Dodge
Brownie and the Cherry Tree by Mrs. Dinah M. Craik 11:23 Read by Nan Dodge
The Ouphe of the Wood by Jean Ingelow 28:32 Read by Ariphron
The Prince's Dream by Jean Ingelow 19:51 Read by Ariphron
A Lost Wand, part 1 by Jean Ingelow 26:30 Read by Ariphron
A Lost Wand, part 2 by Jean Ingelow 31:26 Read by Ariphron
Snap-Dragons—A Tale of Christmas Eve by Juliana H. Ewing 40:41 Read by SilentKnight
Uncle Jack's Story by Mrs. E. M. Field 32:49 Read by Jane Bennett
Bryda's Dreadful Scrape by Mrs. E. M. Field 13:24 Read by Brooke Favorat
The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner by Charles Dickens 18:46 Read by Nan Dodge
Embellishment by Jacob Abbott 24:45 Read by Shari Forrest
The Great Stone Face by Nathaniel Hawthorne 51:01 Read by Ariphron
The King of the Golden River part 1 by John Ruskin 31:38 Read by Steven
The King of the Golden River part 2 by John Ruskin 25:11 Read by Steven
The Two Gifts by Lillian M. Gask 6:45 Read by Nemo
The Bar of Gold by Lillian M. Gask 8:57 Read by Nemo
Uncle David's Nonsensical Story by Catherine Sinclair 19:30 Read by Brooke Favorat
The Grand Feast by Catherine Sinclair 23:50 Read by Jonathan Holdsworth
The Story of Fairyfoot by Frances Browne 22:36 Read by Brooke Favorat
Down the Rabbit-Hole by Lewis Carroll 16:22 Read by thestorygirl
The Pool of Tears by Lewis Carroll 16:11 Read by thestorygirl
A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale by Lewis Carroll 11:05 Read by Nan Dodge
The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill by Lewis Carroll 16:38 Read by Nan Dodge
Advice from a Caterpillar by Lewis Carroll 17:27 Read by thestorygirl
Pig and Pepper by Lewis Carroll 16:44 Read by Nan Dodge
A Mad Tea-Party by Lewis Carroll 18:35 Read by thestorygirl
The Queen's Croquet Ground by Lewis Carroll 16:47 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Mock Turtle's Story by Lewis Carroll 15:24 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Lobster-Quadrille by Lewis Carroll 17:56 Read by Foon
Who Stole the Tarts? by Lewis Carroll 14:02 Read by Foon
Alice's Evidence by Lewis Carroll 15:54 Read by Foon