Tommy and the Wishing Stone

Read by SweetHome

(4.7 stars; 70 reviews)

This is the story about Tommy and how he came to better understand the animals around him. Tommy has a favourite stone that he likes to sit upon to think about his day and ponder his troubles. He comes to name this stone the wishing-stone, as it seems to grant his impulsive wishes to become various animals that happen to cross his path while sitting there. Tommy learns first-hand about the exciting life of these animals and gains a new perspective after each exciting adventure. - Summary by SweetHome (4 hr 45 min)


Tommy and the Wishing-Stone 20:06 Read by SweetHome
Why Tommy Became a Friend of Red Squirrels 23:11 Read by SweetHome
Why Peter Rabbit Has One Less Enemy 21:36 Read by SweetHome
How It Happened That Reddy Fox Gained a Friend 25:19 Read by SweetHome
How Tommy Envied Honker the Goose 23:47 Read by SweetHome
Tommy Becomes a Very Humble Person 25:08 Read by SweetHome
Why Tommy Took up All His Traps 26:48 Read by SweetHome
How Tommy Learned to Admire Thunderer the Ruffed Grouse 25:52 Read by SweetHome
What Happened When Tommy Became a Mink 22:00 Read by SweetHome
The Pleasures and Troubles of Bobby Coon 22:52 Read by SweetHome
Tommy Becomes a Furry Engineer 25:10 Read by SweetHome
Tommy Learns What It Is like to Be a Bear 23:26 Read by SweetHome


a amazing book

(5 stars)

so much kindness

very enjoyable!

(5 stars)

Very nice book explaining wildlife. Fantastic reader ! Her voice & expression fit the book perfectly!!

(5 stars)

the voice fits the story 😀

i love the reader and the story 😉

(5 stars)

I love this book so much yes the reader fits and I think this is like the advincers of farmer browns boy that's way I think 😉 my fav chapter is the bear one I love that one 😝

(5 stars)

Good 👍 it’s a great book 📖 to learn about animals 🐿

(5 stars)

Just good get it right now!