The Spy Company, a Story of the Mexican War

Read by John

(4.6 stars; 10 reviews)

The Exciting adventures of a beautiful Texan debutante. She was raised in New York City high society and attended the best schools. When her mother died she felt the urge to go out west to join her father, whom she never knew, on their massive ranch. What followed were river boat journeys, steamboat gamblers, desperadoes, con artists, Mexican military and Indian attacks. She rode out west under the protection of the Texan Rangers and US military only to discover the ultimate deception when she reached the ranch! (Summary by johnb) (10 hr 40 min)


Saratoga in Eighteen Hundred and Forty four 40:16 Read by John
War With Mexico 22:47 Read by John
The Captain of Texan Rangers 33:44 Read by John
The Fight for the Desert Spring 30:29 Read by John
The March for the Rio Grande 26:19 Read by John
The Goliad House 27:41 Read by John
The Dancing Girl of Matamoras 29:09 Read by John
'To Save Him, I Spare Her!' 37:45 Read by John
The Passions of the Prairie 36:14 Read by John
The Smugglers’ Trail 28:59 Read by John
The Glory of His Fighting 35:49 Read by John
'My Dear Daddy' 22:27 Read by John
The Coming of the Superintendent 36:47 Read by John
Sharpe Hampton’s Sweetheart 37:19 Read by John
A Mighty Suspicion 29:05 Read by John
Night on the Lone Plantation 39:30 Read by John
Florito’s Fandango 34:52 Read by John
The Waif of the Border 28:46 Read by John
The Spy Company 34:38 Read by John
Carmelita’s Return 28:01 Read by John


You will not get a more exciting cowboy tale than this one!

(5 stars)