Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

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Each summer, in the ancient hill town of Siena, Italy, there erupts one of the most extraordinary, exciting, and dangerous horse races in the world— the Palio. So furious is the rivalry that it is often said the Palio is more battle than race, and that "Fate is the Queen of the Palio."

This magnificent book is a true story of the Palio —a thrilling, heart-stirring tale of a boy and a beautiful half-Arabian mare who won undying fame. Marguerite Henry tells—as only she can—how the life of Giorgio Terni, a boy of the Maremma marshes, became linked in strange and dramatic fashion with that of the cart horse Gaudenzia, whose Arabian blood brought her into the contest of the Palio. When Gaudenzia is lamed in one of the wild races, it is Giorgio whose devoted care brings her back to health. And it is Giorgio who has the joy of riding her to victory in one Palio, and then the heartbreak of fighting her in the next. How he wins the title “Vittorino” and how Gaudenzia becomes the "Pride of the Palio” make a story to enthrall the heart of every reader. (Summary from the original jacket) (6 hr 20 min)


Foreword 3:42 Read by Marie Christian
The First Signpost 12:34 Read by Marie Christian
The Umbrella Man 17:08 Read by Marie Christian
Bianca, the Blind One 10:33 Read by Marie Christian
A Newborn 9:23 Read by Marie Christian
The Flying Centaur 7:21 Read by enos08
Giorgio Meets a Snail 7:45 Read by enos08
Bring Out the Satchel! 10:28 Read by enos08
Over the Mountain 14:16 Read by enos08
The Cart Horse of Casalino 9:06 Read by enos08
A Buyer of Ox Skins 7:59 Read by enos08
The Ghost in the Warehouse 10:03 Read by enos08
Rejected 13:01 Read by enos08
The Goddess Fortuna 14:03 Read by enos08
At the Curve of San Martino 9:54 Read by enos08
The Odd Pieces Again 11:53 Read by MotleyMoose
The Rabbit's Foot and the Horn 9:57 Read by MotleyMoose
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Back Home to the Maremma 11:46 Read by LilyAnne
No Morning Glory 9:53 Read by LilyAnne
A Simple Plan 16:11 Read by TR Love
Half-bred 11:07 Read by TR Love
Speak! Speak! 15:10 Read by TR Love
The Hours Before 15:01 Read by Christine Rottger
Have You Fear? Have You Fear? 14:43 Read by Christine Rottger
Behold, the Palio! 11:53 Read by TR Love
Victor of the Piazza 9:27 Read by TR Love
A Time to Seek 12:20 Read by TR Love
All Roads Lead to Rome 19:44 Read by Christine Rottger
The Three Acts 12:16 Read by Christine Rottger
Duel Between Horse and Man 13:20 Read by Christine Rottger
At the Victory Dinner 17:48 Read by docdlmartin


(4 stars)

Awesome book. Mixed bag of readers.