Whispering Smith

Read by Bob R

(4.7 stars; 95 reviews)

Whispering Smith, like most of Frank Spearman's western novels (and some non-fiction as well) are set in the world of railroads, in the late 1800's. The main character, Gordon Smith, is a railroad detective; he first appears in this novel, then later in others. This novel was popular enough to be made into film eight times (four being silent) and into a TV series. In this novel, Smith finds that the culprit of the railroad mishaps he is investigating is a close friend, Murray Sinclair. That plot may seem overworked, but Spearman makes it nuanced enough for it to be quite interesting; two interwoven romances are included. The strongest feature of Spearman's novels is probably his beautiful descriptions of the American western landscapes. His character descriptions and plots also hold up well against the other writers of westerns of the early 1900's. (Summary by Bob Rollins) (9 hr 47 min)


The Wrecking Boss 12:44 Read by Bob R
At Smoky Creek 17:53 Read by Bob R
Dicksie 12:48 Read by Bob R
George McCloud 25:27 Read by Bob R
The Crawling Stone 13:47 Read by Bob R
The Final Appeal 4:53 Read by Bob R
In Marion's Shop 9:54 Read by Bob R
Smoky Creek Bridge 7:01 Read by Bob R
The Misunderstanding 16:58 Read by Bob R
Sweeping Orders 7:28 Read by Bob R
At The Three Horses 13:04 Read by Bob R
Parley 27:34 Read by Bob R
The Turn in the Storm 13:47 Read by Bob R
The Quarrel 13:54 Read by Bob R
The Shot in the Pass 8:56 Read by Bob R
At the Wickiup 8:44 Read by Bob R
A Test 10:13 Read by Bob R
New Plans 11:08 Read by Bob R
The Crawling Stone Rise 13:37 Read by Bob R
At The Dike 24:55 Read by Bob R
Supper in Camp 12:46 Read by Bob R
A Talk With Whispering Smith 13:12 Read by Bob R
At The River 9:51 Read by Bob R
Between Girlhood and Womanhood 22:32 Read by Bob R
The Man on the Frenchman 20:22 Read by Bob R
Tower W 8:22 Read by Bob R
Pursuit 11:45 Read by Bob R
The Sunday Murder 14:03 Read by Bob R
Williams Cashe 15:38 Read by Bob R
The Fight in The Cashe 19:16 Read by Bob R
The Death of DuSang 10:10 Read by Bob R
McCloud and Dicksie 11:43 Read by Bob R
The Laugh of a Woman 9:22 Read by Bob R
A Midnight Visit 9:21 Read by Bob R
The Call 7:37 Read by Bob R
Duty 7:49 Read by Bob R
Wickwire 7:58 Read by Bob R
Into The North 12:14 Read by Bob R
Among the Coyotes 18:11 Read by Bob R
A Sympathetic Ear 9:09 Read by Bob R
Dickie's Ride 14:02 Read by Bob R
At The Door 7:38 Read by Bob R
Closing In 11:42 Read by Bob R
Crawling Stone Wash 15:47 Read by Bob R
Back To The Mountains 12:33 Read by Bob R


Classic Western/Railroad drama

(5 stars)

right up there with Zane Grey this classic tale of Conquering the West with technology while scknowledging the past and being oblivious to the Future is a must read. The reading is excellent, expressing each character in a voice that clearly evokes the west of the late 19th century.


(5 stars)

Such an engrossing story. I actually looked up the movie halfway through and have to admit that Alan Ladd as the titular character is pretty much how I pictured him while listening. Didn't want it to end


(5 stars)

A great saga with all you need ...romance , bad guys, good guys, exceptional ones.. for me this reader is my favorite.. slight inflections for each character... touching moments... wraps up well... vivid descriptions of individuals and terrain... a long story but maintains interest

great story & reader!

(5 stars)

this book is absolutely incredible. As good as any Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour or any of the other Western writers. I did not have a clue about this guy and I'm glad I discovered him.

(4 stars)

Very well read. Lightweight story, with some good descriptions. Suspend one's critical faculties and enjoy some very predictable narrative.

Worth listening To!

(5 stars)

A great story read by a fabulous reader. In fact, brilliantly read. He has the perfect voice for this story.

(5 stars)

EXCELLENT THANK YOU great story excellent narrator Thank you Libervox

very good.

(5 stars)

*tumbleweeds multiply and intensify* .....