Man and His Ancestor: A Study in Evolution

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An examination of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and subsequent texts, written for the general public at the turn of the twentieth century, "[...] to dwell on the various significant facts that have been discovered since Darwin's time, and to offer certain lines of evidence never before presented in this connection and which seem to add much strength to the general argument.[...]" (Preface) - Summary by Kathleen Nelson (6 hr 36 min)


Preface 2:58 Read by Kathleen Nelson
Evolution Versus Creation 5:40 Read by Kathleen Nelson
Vestiges of Man's Ancestry 25:54 Read by Kathleen Nelson
Relics of Ancient Man 29:21 Read by Kathleen Nelson
From Quadruped to Biped 23:15 Read by Kathleen Nelson
The Freedom of the Arms 22:16 Read by Kathleen Nelson
The Development of Intelligence 46:52 Read by Luke Dixey
The Origin of Language 20:03 Read by tommack
How the Chasm Was Bridged 33:25 Read by Rita Boutros
The First Stage of Human Evolution 45:07 Read by tommack
The Conflict with Nature 1:06:34 Read by Rita Boutros
Warfare and Civilization 18:39 Read by tommack
The Evolution of Morality 32:56 Read by Rita Boutros
Man's Relation to the Spiritual 23:44 Read by Rita Boutros