The Lady's Mile

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(3.4 stars; 12 reviews)

If you drive through the Lady's Mile, the most fashionable district in London, you will see people whose most distinguished ambition was to be known in that circle. A novelist, a painter, and some aristocrats, willing to prove themselves to the world. But what happens behind closed doors? Is the Lady's Mile as respectable as it seems? - Summary by Stav Nisser. (16 hr 54 min)


He is but a landscape-painter 34:51 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Lord Aspendell's daughter 32:24 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Hector 41:02 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Love and duty 16:24 Read by Riley McGuire
At the fountains 44:06 Read by Jim Locke
Wedding cards 11:11 Read by Jim Locke
The great O'Boyneville 41:33 Read by Jim Locke
The dowager's little dinner 29:03 Read by Jim Locke
Laurence O'Boyneville's first hearing 26:52 Read by Jim Locke
The rich Mr. Lobyer 37:00 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
At Nasedale 33:12 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Mr. O'Boyneville's motion for a new trial 33:34 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Cecil's honeymoon 38:47 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Mr. Lobyer's wooing 42:14 Read by Lynda Marie Neilson
Delilah 29:21 Read by Jim Locke
At home in Bloomsbury 27:13 Read by Jim Locke
Poor Philip 31:44 Read by Jim Locke
Too late for repentance 27:23 Read by Jim Locke
Tidings from India 34:34 Read by Jim Locke
At Pevenshall Place 17:02 Read by Jim Locke
Sir Nugent Evershed 30:55 Read by Jim Locke
Mrs. Lobyer's skeleton 46:40 Read by Jim Locke
How should I greet thee? 36:23 Read by Jim Locke
Between Carthage and Kensington 31:41 Read by Jim Locke
The easy descent 38:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
A modern love-chase 17:07 Read by Kathleen Moore
He comes too near, who comes to be denied 29:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Were all thy letters suns, I could not see 15:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
A timely warning 17:48 Read by Kathleen Moore
He's sweetest friend, or hardest foe 12:53 Read by Kathleen Moore
On the brink 35:14 Read by Jim Locke
By the sea 23:30 Read by Jim Locke
A commercial earthquake 38:47 Read by Jim Locke
The epilogue 10:51 Read by Jim Locke


Technically, it's a happy ending...

(2.5 stars)

...but somehow everyone just seems pretty depressed by the time this book grinds, sloooowly , to a finish. Part of the effect is due to the narration. Both main narrators tend toward the mechanical and monotone, and both of them have issues with incorrect pronunciation in English. ( I don't speak French, so I can't judge that.) I imagine the extra effort the listener needs to put in to figure out what's being said can make the book seem much longer.

(5 stars)

Thank you for reading this book. Cecil should have organized a Ladies Afternoon Book Club or even had a couple of children. That would have helped her find fulfillment in her life so she didn’t have to consider being unfaithful to her husband. He did love her in his own way, and she did take an oath before God, to love him and be faithful to him.

good story but reader Locke difficult to listen to

(0.5 stars)

To Locke, I can tell this is an important volunteer activity. please consider taking a class on good story reading techniques