Oracles of Nostradamus

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Charles A. Ward was considered one of the most knowledgeable in his studies of the prophecies of Nostradamus. Ward viewed the prophecies of Nostradamus as predictions that only make sense in hindsight, rather than a tool for predicting future events. This work includes Ward's theories regarding the methods of prediction and his theoretical belief that the predictions were sequential. Ward details only a few of the actual predictions of Nostradamus in his interpretations but attempts to shed light on his theoretical orientation in hopes of making them easier to understand for the reader. - Summary by CJ Plogue (11 hr 32 min)


Dedication & 3 Prophecies of Old Time 3:47 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Preface 37:10 Read by DM Kiser
Life of Nostradamus Pt. 1 33:34 Read by Ellaqyint
Life of Nostradamus Pt. 2 36:01 Read by Ellaqyint
The Preface Of Michael Nostradamus To His Prophecies 31:45 Read by Mayah
Epistle To Henry II 34:02 Read by Ellaqyint
Magic 27:17 Read by Ellaqyint
Historical Fragments Pt. 1 34:12 Read by Ellaqyint
Historical Fragments Pt. 2 35:05 Read by Ellaqyint
Henri Quatre 22:49 Read by Ellaqyint
Louis XIII 12:45 Read by Ellaqyint
Louis XIV 26:01 Read by czandra
Louis XV 2:20 Read by Andrew Gaunce
England Pt. 1 35:51 Read by Kaitybg7
England Pt. 2 36:05 Read by Kaitybg7
England Pt. 3 36:25 Read by Michele Eaton
French Revolution 26:49 Read by Ernst Schnell
Louis XVI Pt. 1 28:24 Read by czandra
Louis XVI Pt. 2 29:46 Read by czandra
The National Convention 11:14 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Pius VI 8:41 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Napoleonic Rule Pt. 1 39:52 Read by MajorHistory
Napoleonic Rule Pt. 2 36:44 Read by czandra
Louis XVIII and Louis Philippe 17:56 Read by Jim Locke
Republic, 1848, and Napoleon III 25:29 Read by czandra
Appendix 22:01 Read by Lucretia B.