The Bee People

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(3.2 stars; 4 reviews)

"The Honey-bees are buzzy-fuzzy little pepper pots" Thus this wonderful nature writer begins to tell us about bees, their habits, their way of living and their many contributions to the world and to ourselves. The author writes for all ages and everyone can listen to and enjoy this book. - Summary by Phil Chenevert (2 hr 38 min)


Introduction 5:26 Read by Larry Wilson
Apis Mellificia or The Honey Bee 4:12 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Apis Mellifica and her Eyes 4:33 Read by KevinS
Her Tongue 12:40 Read by KevinS
Her Honey-Sac 3:31 Read by Larry Wilson
Ambrosia and Nectar 2:30 Read by Larry Wilson
Mis Apis's Legs 12:15 Read by John
Her Wings 3:46 Read by John
How She Hears and Smells 9:34 Read by John
Her Sting 11:56 Read by John
Miss Apis and Her Sisters 3:22 Read by John
The Brothers 5:09 Read by John
The Queen 7:14 Read by Zarina Silverman
The Work of the Hive - The Manufacture of Wax 5:54 Read by Gail Wamba
Honeycomb 9:46 Read by powellb
Honey and Honey-Dew 7:38 Read by Mark8018
Cradle-Cells 15:50 Read by Mark8018
The Family Exodus 2:45 Read by John
The New Queen 7:34 Read by Gail Wamba
Some Odd Notions about Bees 8:05 Read by KevinS
Bombus -The Bumble Bee 14:35 Read by KevinS