Historical Mysteries

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(4.5 stars; 17 reviews)

Edited by Andrew Lang, Historical Mysteries is a collection of infamous unsolved mysteries from various points in history. (8 hr 17 min)


The Case of Elizabeth Canning 43:16 Read by Colleen McMahon
The Murder of Escovedo 46:06 Read by Jane Bennett
The Campden Mystery 32:08 Read by Sissyneck
The Case of Allan Breck 33:02 Read by KHand
The Cardinal's Necklace 33:13 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser: The Child of Europe 49:56 Read by Louise J. Belle
The Gowrie Conspiracy 35:05 Read by KHand
The Strange Case of Daniel Dunglas Home 42:43 Read by Fame Mendoza
The Case of Captain Green 27:15 Read by voxdockery
Queen Oglethorpe 35:06 Read by KHand
The Chebalier D'éon 28:09 Read by johnnyenglish
Saint-Germain the Deathless 36:20 Read by Availle
The Mystery of the Kirks 40:17 Read by Bill Mosley
The End of Jeanne de la Motte 14:44 Read by thestorygirl


A very interesting book

(5 stars)

Really enjoyed it.