The Frozen Pirate (version 2)

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Drawing on his own experience as a merchant seaman, Russell gives us the fictionalized narrative of one Paul Rodney who found an icebound vessel in the South Atlantic, while captaining a pirate ship. Russell has been hailed as the pre-eminent English writer of his ilk, compared to such American writers as Melville and Dana. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (11 hr 19 min)


The Storm 12:11 Read by Marilyn Rakes
The Iceberg 18:21 Read by mbm0rxi
I Lose My Companions 12:39 Read by Marilyn Rakes
I Quit the Wreck 14:09 Read by jenno
I Sight a White Coast 17:30 Read by jenno
An Island of Ice 22:36 Read by Matthew Tink
I am Startled by a Discovery 18:13 Read by mbm0rxi
The Frozen Schooner 18:23 Read by Steve C
I Lose my Boat 20:20 Read by M. E. Allen
Another Startling Discovery 20:09 Read by Marilyn Rakes
I Make further Discoveries 17:33 Read by mbm0rxi
A Lonely Night 22:10 Read by mbm0rxi
I Explore the Hold and the Forecastle 23:57 Read by Steve C
An Extraordinary Occurrence 24:17 Read by Angela Jefferies
The Pirate's Story 37:04 Read by Hopeforce1
I Hear of a Great Treasure 23:57 Read by Aidan Mayne
The Treasure 24:09 Read by Aidan Mayne
We Talk Over our Situation 16:27 Read by Aidan Mayne
We Take a View of the Ice 16:55 Read by Sophia Gannaoui
A Merry Evening 33:48 Read by Angela Jefferies
We Explore the Mines 22:45 Read by Lynne T
A Change Comes Over the Frenchman 23:42 Read by Angela Jefferies
The Ice Breaks Away 29:16 Read by Steve C
The Frenchman Dies 22:50 Read by Angela Jefferies
The Schooner Frees Herself 39:14 Read by Steve C
I am Troubled by Thoughts of the Treasure 23:11 Read by Steve C
I Encounter a Whaler 24:02 Read by Angela Jefferies
I Strike a Bargain with the Yankee 21:12 Read by KHand
I Value the Lading 19:17 Read by KHand
Our Progress to the Channel 16:38 Read by Pmiddy
The End 18:34 Read by KHand
Postscript 4:26 Read by Lynne T