Hellenic History

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"The purpose of this volume is to present in brief scope the evolution of Greek civilization a culture simple in its essential unity, although seemingly complex in its many and wide ramifications. In the conviction that the chief aim of history is to explain the present, the author has centered his attention on those phases of Greek life which have influenced to a marked degree the civilization of today." "In short this book represents an effort to combine political, economic, social and cultural history in one synthesis, centering attention on those factors which have contributed essentially to modern civilization." "The Hellenic History is intended to serve primarily as a text-book for college courses in Greek history, and as a guide to the reader who is interested in one or more phases of Greek achievement." (From Preface) In memory of Beth Thomas (1974-2020) (20 hr 55 min)


Introduction 5:28 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Country and People 13:31 Read by ChadH94
The Minoan Age 56:49 Read by MajorHistory
The Middle Age: Transition from Minoan to Hellenic Life 1:01:27 Read by MajorHistory
Economic Growth and Colonial Expansion 42:54 Read by MajorHistory
Evolution of the City-State, Amphictyonies and Leagues 37:03 Read by MajorHistory
Crete, Lacedaemon and the Peleponnesian League 1:03:29 Read by MajorHistory
Athens: From Monarchy to Democracy 58:57 Read by Emanuela
Intellectual Awakening: 1, Social and Literary Progress 28:27 Read by Wes Freeman
Intellectual Awakening: 2, Religious, Moral and Scientific Progress 44:23 Read by Wes Freeman
Conquest of the Asiatic Greeks by the Lydians and Persians 22:48 Read by Sim
The War with Persia and Carthage 52:47 Read by MorganScorpion
The Age of the War Heroes: 1, Political and Economic 1:12:46 Read by Emanuela
The Age of the War Heroes: 2, Society and Culture 56:39 Read by Kazbek
The Age of Pericles: 1, Imperialism 36:43 Read by Jane Bennett
The Age of Pericles: 2, The Athenian Democracy 26:29 Read by Jane Bennett
The Age of Pericles: 3, Society and Public Works 39:38 Read by Jane Bennett
The Age of Pericles: 4, Thought, Culture and Character 1:11:48 Read by Jane Bennett
The Peloponnesian War to the Beginning of the Sicilian Expedition 35:20 Read by Ryan Fahey
The Sicilian Expedition and the Last Years of the War 31:06 Read by Ryan Fahey
A Cultural Revolution 59:33 Read by Kazbek
The Lacedaemonian Empire and the Ascendancy of Thebes 45:49 Read by Ryan Fahey
Sicily and Magna Graecia 14:54 Read by KevinS
The Rise of Macedon to 337 25:52 Read by Jason Daves
Economy and Society 40:55 Read by Ryan Fahey
Social Aspects of the State 27:34 Read by Ryan Fahey
Art and Intelligence in the Fourth Century 51:31 Read by Ryan Fahey
Alexander's Empire and the Hellenistic Kingdoms 34:55 Read by Sim
The Organization and Administration of the Hellenistic States 35:11 Read by Kazbek
Hellenistic Culture: 1, City Construction and Art 24:51 Read by Emanuela
Hellenistic Culture: 2, Philosophy, Science and Culture 35:32 Read by Availle


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