Unprofessional Tales

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 6 reviews)

A collection of stories exploring the psychological and paranormal, some stories bordering on the macabre. - Summary by Luke Castle (5 hr 56 min)


A Mystery 8:23 Read by Wayne Cooke
Elfwater 50:37 Read by Louise J. Belle
The Sentence 3:31 Read by KevinS
Nerinda Part One 1:07:24 Read by TriciaG
Nerinda Part Two 25:45 Read by TriciaG
Impromptu 14:49 Read by Wayne Cooke
Nocturne 3:45 Read by David Brent
In the Red Sea 15:49 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Anacreontic 2:23 Read by David Brent
The Ignoble 25:34 Read by Jason in Panama
A Tyrrhenian Fable 10:53 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
The Case of Mrs Hillier 27:28 Read by ToddHW
To E.F.G. 37:08 Read by TriciaG
The Devil's Oak 11:20 Read by Logan Lorenz
The Psychological Moment 35:16 Read by KirksVoice
The Meeting of Autos and Eschata 8:41 Read by TriciaG
Belladonna 7:51 Read by JenMcKeown


(4 stars)

Tales of many types in this collection. I enjoyed most of them and the readers were all good or excellent.

Stories of uneven quality

(2 stars)

The readers did a good job, but the plots of the stories tended to be thin. I love the short stories of this era in general, but if these have strengths, they must be of the type that requires a slow, careful read to savor them.