Bob and Ray May 22 1956 Sign Off Missing

(4.3 stars; 3 reviews)

Amazing find from the west coast! This file is one of a group of digitized shows recently received here at The House of Toast. There is little information about the contents or original broadcast. Please post a comment or send us an email if you have any information about it.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Wally Ballou visits the Indy 500 trials

(3 stars)

This 41 minute clip has a number of musical selections, the titles of which I am only guessing at... The clip opens with what sounds like Sinatra singing It Happened In Monterrey followed by either a long public service announcement or a short song about car wrecks. Bob and Ray explain how to pud down a linoleum floor in a firehouse. There is an Air Force Reserve ad followed by 2 instrumentals, the first featuring whistling, the second like a marching band. The show goes to Indianapolis for Wally Ballou at the Indy 500 trials. A female singer does I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face and a novelty song about rabbits in fractured German is interrupted by a visit from Mary Magoon who makes barrels for button manufacturers. A song in German or fractured German evolves into a swing type sound and that is followed by banjo music. Bob interviews Ray but is interrupted by a phone call. The final song is It's delightful, It's delicious, It's de-lovely. There is an ad for a vitamin E ointment called My o pone and a report of Your Mule Train in Kentucky. Bob does an ad for aqua velva and there is a full episode of The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely before the clip ends.