History of England In Words of One Syllable

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(4.6 stars; 5 reviews)

A simple history of England written principally with words of one syllable. Books of these kind, I understand, are helpful for both beginning and remedial reading students. - Summary by KevinS (4 hr 21 min)


01. En-gland in the Old Times 11:33 Read by KevinS
02. When the Sax-ons Came 13:29 Read by Ruth P.
03. Al-fred the Great 12:20 Read by Ruth P.
04. The Six Boy Kings 10:59 Read by KevinS
05. Can-ute and the Dan-ish Kings 10:04 Read by Kathryn Phipps
06. WiL-LiAM the Con-quer-or 8:09 Read by Kathryn Phipps
07. Hen-ry I 14:11 Read by Rita Boutros
08. RiCH-ARD I, Li-on Heart 13:56 Read by Kathryn Phipps
09. Ed-ward I 7:33 Read by Rita Boutros
10. Ed-ward II 12:52 Read by Rita Boutros
11. Hard Times 7:29 Read by Andy Glover
12. HeN-RY V, of MON-MOUTH 14:47 Read by KevinS
13. War of the Ros-es 12:47 Read by KevinS
14. Hen-ry VIII 10:42 Read by Kathryn Phipps
15. Ma-ry 9:59 Read by Kathryn Phipps
16. E-liz-a-beth [I] 16:08 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
17. James I 3:52 Read by Kathryn Phipps
18. Charles I 20:53 Read by Rita Boutros
19. James II 4:58 Read by Kathryn Phipps
20. Queen Anne and the Geor-ges 13:53 Read by Linette Geisel
21. George III 11:03 Read by Mark Dykshoorn
22. George IV 7:03 Read by Alex Khaeliso
23. ViC-TO-RI-A 12:21 Read by Kathryn Phipps


Helpful Overview

(4 stars)

This interesting text is a helpful overview for one who has only heard English history by piecemeal from many different sources. But I am in no position to vouch for all its contents - having heard a few of these people and events portrayed in quite a different light by other authors of a similar era. Some readers are excellent, and some chapters are benefitted by the playback speed feature in the app.