The Pirate Island: A Story of the South Pacific

Read by OliverBoliver

(4.6 stars; 43 reviews)

A story of sea-faring adventure including a shipwreck with a daring rescue, a ship fire and a close escape, pirates and enslavement, gold, danger, redemption and a desperate bid for freedom. There is excitement in every chapter in this harrowing tale of the crew and passengers of the Galatea as they voyage from England to Australia and back. (Summary by OliverBoliver) (10 hr 20 min)


The Wreck on the ''Gunfleet.'' 30:36 Read by OliverBoliver
The ''Betsy Jane.'' 40:29 Read by OliverBoliver
''Hurrah, my lads! We’re outward-bound!'' 24:29 Read by OliverBoliver
The outward voyage. 31:06 Read by OliverBoliver
Homeward bound. 31:23 Read by OliverBoliver
Dismasted. 24:14 Read by OliverBoliver
A fiery ordeal. 26:53 Read by OliverBoliver
At the mercy of wind and wave. 32:16 Read by OliverBoliver
The ''Albatross.'' 27:27 Read by OliverBoliver
Captain Johnson explains himself. 32:33 Read by OliverBoliver
Johnson hoodwinks a frigate. 31:05 Read by OliverBoliver
On Albatross Island. 35:38 Read by OliverBoliver
Ralli explains himself; so does Lance. 30:17 Read by OliverBoliver
The ladies make a discovery, and Bob distinguishes himself. 29:46 Read by OliverBoliver
Lost! 32:20 Read by OliverBoliver
Blanche and her lover have to swim for it. 30:39 Read by OliverBoliver
Bob wants to be rich. 28:12 Read by OliverBoliver
Alarm and disaster. 29:31 Read by OliverBoliver
Bob gives way to violence. 33:18 Read by OliverBoliver
A night of terror. 38:28 Read by OliverBoliver


Bravo from Borneo

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this period seafaring tale; such an adventure filled with peril and heroic deeds. I admire the author's work who is someone clearly with vast seagoing experience. His descriptive talents bring each scene to life and enable us to visualise situations so clearly. I must pay tribute to the narrator who read the book so smoothly. A great book.

(5 stars)

Great rollicking victoriana adventure, superbly read. The painfully detailed discription of every thought and minor action could grate on tastes more used to modern styles.

(5 stars)

A wonderful yarn. It has all the elements to keep one riveted to the pages and at the end wishing for more.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the story, well read.

(1.5 stars)

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