The Radio Planet

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(3.8 stars; 22 reviews)

Could you make a radio set? Don’t answer rashly. Don’t say that you have already built several. For note that we did not ask whether you could assemble a set from parts already manufactured by others, but rather whether you could build the entire set yourself—from the ground up. That means making every part you require, including the vacuum tubes, the acid in the batteries, the wires, the insulation.

If you think that you could do this, let us ask you one further question. Put yourself in the place of the hero of the following story, and imagine yourself stranded amid intelligent savages who have not progressed beyond the wood age. Under such circumstances, with nothing to guide you but your scientific memory, with no tools except those of your own creation, and with no materials save those furnished by nature, could you, though the lives and happiness of your dear ones depended upon it—could you make a radio set? —R. M. F., 1926. (Foreword) (8 hr 12 min)


Untitled 7:17 Read by KevinS
Too Much Static 12:56 Read by Lynette Caulkins
Yuri or Formis? 10:00 Read by John
The Coup D'etat 17:03 Read by Gitchegumi
Lost Amid the Rocks 17:46 Read by Kirill D
The Vairkings 15:00 Read by John
Radio Once More 18:50 Read by John
But Why Radio? 21:25 Read by Mark Nelson
A Prisoner 23:24 Read by Alexis Duclaux
The Siege of Sur 27:52 Read by Alexis Duclaux
Att the Terrible 13:11 Read by John
Companions in Misery 18:28 Read by John
Further Progress 16:16 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
Old Friends 13:05 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
Plans for Escape 24:34 Read by Dr. Lyndon
Afterthoughts 17:14 Read by Mark Nelson
The Battle for Vairkingi 21:08 Read by John
The Fall of Vairkingi 22:44 Read by John
The Battle in the Air 16:31 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Whoomangs 23:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Souls? 19:02 Read by Adrian Stephens
Flight 22:05 Read by Michael Knowles
Luno and Beyond 18:22 Read by Michael Knowles
The Lobsteroid Circuit 21:01 Read by mokka
All Kinds of Trouble 13:46 Read by Michael Knowles
The Debacle 22:36 Read by KevinS
Peace on Poros 16:54 Read by Adrian Stephens


Fun but difficult to get past various reader styles.

(3.5 stars)

I enjoyed the story but the various reader styles was a distraction. I was about a third of the way through before I felt invested and more thoroughly enjoyed it. I will keep an eye out for a future, single reader version.

Great reading

(3.5 stars)

Thanks to everyone for producing this selection! The readings were well done. The Radio Planet reads like the perfect role play basis for Tom Paris and Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager. :D Not my first choice of genre, but entertaining enough to lighten chores nicely.

extremely difficult to get through

(1.5 stars)

different readers is bad enough between chapters but add into that poor pronunciation and inconsistent pronunciation of words within the book, some readers couldn't even pronounce the authors name! overall this was a tough listen


(5 stars)

I skipped the whoomangs chapters but it was good.