Short Poetry Collection 200

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a collection of 65 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for January 2020. (2 hr 15 min)


An Advanced Thinker 1:15 Read by Larry Wilson
Advent 1:59 Read by Larry Wilson
The Adventurer 1:46 Read by Bruce Kachuk
After Court Martial 1:05 Read by Dale Grothmann
Alas, so long! 1:29 Read by KevinS
Another Way 1:13 Read by Winston Tharp
Bad Sir Brian Botany 3:08 Read by Dale Grothmann
Before Dawn in the Woods 1:08 Read by Tomas Peter
The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer 1:28 Read by Winston Tharp
The Birth Of Virtue 1:11 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Black Death 3:46 Read by Newgatenovelist
Cato: A Tragedy, in Five Acts (Excerpt from Act the Fifth Scene 1) 3:24 Read by Craig Campbell
The Clearer Self 1:31 Read by Craig Campbell
The cliff tops 9:28 Read by Sonia
The Cyclist's Seasons 0:56 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Days of Vanity 1:27 Read by Tomas Peter
Elegy before Death 1:24 Read by Tomas Peter
In The Enchanted Tower 1:15 Read by Bruce Kachuk
At the Entering of the New Year 2:01 Read by Phil Schempf
Finis 7:05 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Four Evangelists 2:00 Read by Craig Campbell
The Garden of Proserpine 6:18 Read by Newgatenovelist
God Moves in a Mysterious Way 1:15 Read by Larry Wilson
Home Thoughts, From Abroad 1:19 Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
How To Know The Wild Animals 2:19 Read by Dale Grothmann
I Cannot Sing 1:29 Read by Winston Tharp
I Dream 2:38 Read by Bruce Kachuk
If We Must Die 1:01 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Incompatible 2:09 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Infinitives 1:35 Read by Michael MacTaggert
In Heaven 0:53 Read by Jessa C
Inner Life 1:35 Read by Larry Wilson
I-N-R-I 1:14 Read by Larry Wilson
A Little Rhyme 0:58 Read by Michael MacTaggert
The lonely heart 5:16 Read by Sonia
Love 2:00 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
My Last Duchess 4:41 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
My Life 1:30 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Near Avalon 1:06 Read by Tomas Peter
The New Vestments 2:59 Read by Tomas Peter
New Year's Day 1:53 Read by Phil Schempf
New Year's Eve 1:32 Read by Phil Schempf
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae 2:33 Read by Newgatenovelist
Operation 1:36 Read by Tomas Peter
The Oracle 1:37 Read by Craig Campbell
Parting 1:20 Read by Newgatenovelist
Prayer for Peace 1:05 Read by Newgatenovelist
Prologue to The Madman 1:47 Read by Winston Tharp
Prooemion 2:10 Read by Craig Campbell
XXII The Red Wheelbarrow 0:33 Read by Winston Tharp
Requiem 1:15 Read by KevinS
The Resurrection Possible and Probable 0:51 Read by Craig Campbell
The Sailing of the Fleets 1:23 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
Sarvarthasidda-Buddha 4:27 Read by Newgatenovelist
Simon the Cyrenian Speaks 0:51 Read by Michael MacTaggert
The Song of the Poor 2:23 Read by Larry Wilson
The Sorrows of Werther 1:08 Read by Dale Grothmann
Three Epitaphs 0:52 Read by Michael MacTaggert
Time 2:00 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Twilight Voices 2:27 Read by Dale Grothmann
Verses, suggested by the perusal of an epitaph in Bury church-yard 3:32 Read by Sonia
A Wedding-Song 1:41 Read by Gina Briggs
When we Two Parted 1:29 Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
It Is in Winter That We Dream of Spring 1:14 Read by Winston Tharp
Winter Rain 1:25 Read by Bruce Kachuk