The Religious Experience of the Roman People

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A series of lectures delivered by Professor Fowler at Edinburgh University for a public audience, concerning the development and decay of the religion of the Roman City-state. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (15 hr 22 min)


Lecture I - Introductory 56:10 Read by Kazbek
Lecture II - On the Threshold of Religion: Survivals 37:17 Read by Owlivia
Lecture III - On the Threshold of Religion: Magic 35:50 Read by KHand
Lecture IV - The Religion of the Family 43:42 Read by Florence
Lecture V - The Calendar of Numa 43:37 Read by Kazbek
Lecture VI - The Divine Objects of Worship 49:32 Read by KHand
Lecture VII - The Deities of the Earliest Religion: General Characteristics 42:22 Read by Owlivia
Lecture VIII - Ritual of the Ius Divinum 58:19 Read by andybeddy
Lecture IX - Ritual (Continued) 46:17 Read by andybeddy
Lecture X - First Arrival of New Cults in Rome 48:32 Read by Kazbek
Lecture XI - Contact of the Old and New in Religion 46:32 Read by Kazbek
Lecture XII - The Pontifices and Secularisation of Religion 36:38 Read by Ellaqyint
Lecture XIII - The Augurs and the Art of Divination 36:20 Read by Owlivia
Lecture XIV - The Hannibalic War 40:50 Read by Ellaqyint
Lecture XV - After the Hannibalic War 46:52 Read by ArturoJR17
Section XVI - Greek Philosophy and Roman Religion 36:42 Read by Owlivia
Lecture XVII - Mysticism - Ideas of a Future Life 39:10 Read by Owlivia
Lecture XVIII - Religious Feelings in the Poems of Virgil 55:00 Read by Kazbek
Lecture XIX - The Augustan Revival 48:21 Read by Kazbek
Lecture XX - Conclusion 35:17 Read by Owlivia
Appendix I - On the Use of Huts or Booths in Religious Ritual 10:41 Read by mleigh
Appendix II - Professor Deubner's Theory of the Lupercalia 5:51 Read by mleigh
Appendix III - The Pairs of Deities in Gellius xiii 23 12:12 Read by mleigh
Appendix IV - Ius and Fas 7:22 Read by mleigh
Appendix V - The Worship of Sacred Utensils 2:57 Read by mleigh


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(3 stars)