The Diary of a Provincial Lady

(4.6 stars; 24 reviews)

“Notice, and am gratified by, large clump of crocuses near the front gate. Should like to make whimsical and charming reference to these and try to fancy myself as ‘Elizabeth of the German Garden’, but am interrupted by Cook, saying that the Fish is here, but he’s only bought cod and haddock, and the haddock doesn’t smell any too fresh, so what about cod? Have often noticed that Life is like that.”

First published in 1930, this charming, funny book is a warm portrait of a middle-class English family and their village life. Our heroine recounts the mundane delights and disasters of her household, dealing with constant money worries, the challenges of finding & keeping a really good parlourmaid, and how best to retain grace towards her fellow humans in the face of their astonishing range of foibles. It’s also a wonderfully genuine description of a marriage, with all the little ups and downs of rubbing along with the same person for so many years.
(Summary by Cori Samuel)

This book is part of the Legamus collection. It is public domain in the European Union, where it is hosted on Legamus' servers. It may not be legally accessed in the United States.


Section 01 27:31
Section 02 31:36
Section 03 27:12
Section 04 26:11
Section 05 28:13
Section 06 25:47
Section 07 27:30
Section 08 27:11
Section 09 31:29
Section 10 30:01
Section 11 31:20
Section 12 33:16


great look into daily life

(4.5 stars)

Of a provincial lady. Very interesting and funny. Well read!

(4 stars)

Funny and fabulous, Bridget Jones set in the 1930’s. Well read.

So great! Don't way, add it to your lidt today 😊

(5 stars)

(3.5 stars)

Enjoyable. Love hearing the reader, too. Thank you.