1001 Questions and Answers on General History

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A book for students of history to test their knowledge and to direct their studies. As the title tells us, this is a book of 1001 questions, with answers, regarding world history. - Summary by KevinS (4 hr 2 min)


Egypt 20:24 Read by Larry Wilson
China 20:38 Read by Yuqing
Japan 10:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Babylonia 7:00 Read by KevinS
Persia and Palestine 10:24 Read by drandall
Greece 33:03 Read by drandall
Rome 36:24 Read by KevinS
Saracen Empire 4:06 Read by Stefan Von Blon
England 35:11 Read by Avyndus
France 50:41 Read by BettyB
Germany 14:21 Read by Steve Mayer