Hercule Poirot 45 11 30 The Bride Wore Fright

(4.6 stars; 116 reviews)

Poirot arrives at his apartment to find a runaway bride hiding inside from a man she refuses to marry. Poirot discovers the man who is determined to marry the woman is in fact a murderer, and sets a trap for him.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Bride Wore Fright 28:11


poorer recording even for old time radio

(3 stars)

Three stars because it was able to be saved

(5 stars)

Sparky enjoyed! Good concept... solving a crime 16 years old..logically figuring...a morality play, after all

Hercule Poirot The Bride Wore Fright

(5 stars)

Christie at her finest!

good story

(3 stars)

horrible background static but is otherwise enjoyable.

A small curiosity

(2 stars)

Super fans of Poirot find him in the US as part of this short and not particularly outstanding story. Poor sound and over-produced. This is one for the really wet afternoon

It was a poor choice for a title, a little lame.

(5 stars)

I found, in this episode, the content somewhat shallow