The Living Animals of the World, Volume 1: Mammals

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The Living Animals of the Natural World, subtitled "a popular Natural History", proposed to present the most updated version of the wonders of the Animal World in a new and clearer form. It used photography instead of the traditional illustrations of the life of beasts, birds, fishes, insects, corals, and the subjects photographed were obtained from every part of the world, many of them from the most distant islands of the Southern Ocean, the great barrier reef of Australia, the New Zealand hills, the Indian jungle, the South African veldt, and the rivers of British Columbia. But not only the illustrations were important, since the attention given to the descriptive portion of the work was also meticulous, and the Editor had the assistance of specialists, eminent alike in the world of science and practical discovery. The result is a very thorough picture of human knowledge of the animal world at the time of publication, in 1902.

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Introduction 11:12 Read by Larry Wilson
The Chimpanzee 8:53 Read by Jackie Graves
The Gorilla, The Orang-utang, The Gibbons 15:17 Read by tommack
The Dog-Shaped Monkeys 9:10 Read by FraserP
The Guerezas and Guenons, The Macaques, The Baboons 18:27 Read by FraserP
The Speech of Monkeys, The New-World Monkeys 15:33 Read by Logan Lorenz
The Lemurs, The True Lemurs 10:46 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Galagos, The Slow Lemurs or Lorises, and Tarsiers, The Aye-Aye 8:23 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Cat-Tribe, The Lion, The African Lion 16:53 Read by Julian Pratley
The Tiger 9:51 Read by Devorah Allen
Leopards 5:49 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The New World Cats, The Jaguar, The Puma, The Ocelot 9:37 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
Other Wild Cats 13:06 Read by Linda Cantoni
The Common Wild Cat 8:21 Read by Linda Cantoni
The Lynxes, The Cheeta 12:08 Read by Amy Gramour
The Domestic Cat 13:59 Read by Devorah Allen
The Fossa, The Civets and Genets, The Mongoose and Ichneumon Family 16:01 Read by acousticwave
The Meerkats or Suricates 6:08 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Hyænas and Aard-Wolf 6:11 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Dog Family, The Wolf 8:54 Read by Steve Mayer
The Coyote, or Prairie Wolf 9:40 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Jackal, The Maned Wolf, The Wild Dog of Africa, The Indian Wild Dog, The Di… 11:18 Read by Diana V
The Foxes, The Fennecs 7:43 Read by Sonia
Domestic Dogs 27:06 Read by Steven Winterburn
The Bear, The Common Brown Bear, The Grizzly Bear, The American Brown Bear, The… 13:23 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The American Black Bear, The Indian Sloth-bear, The Malayan Sun-bear, The Polar… 17:25 Read by Shashank Jakhmola
The Raccoon Family, The Raccoon, The Coatis,The Pandas and Kinkajou, The Sea-Ot… 18:21 Read by Jude Somers
The Weasel Tribe, The Martens, The Sable, The Mink, The Polecat, The Weasel, Th… 10:09 Read by Diana V
Marine Carnivora, The Eared Seals, or Sea-lions, The Fur-seals, The Hair-Seals 28:02 Read by Betsy Walker
The Walrus, The True Seals, The Common Seal 16:08 Read by Thomas Rose
The Rodents or Gnawing Mammals, The Squirrels 12:09 Read by MaryAnn
The Prairie Dogs and Marmots, The Beaver, The Dormice 14:12 Read by Diana V
The Mouse Tribe, The Hamsters, The Voles, The Typical Rats and Mice, The Bandic… 15:00 Read by Diana V
The Octodon Family, The Porcupines, Viscachas and Chinchillas, The Agutis and P… 10:13 Read by Sonia
The Bats and Insect-Eating Mammals, The Fruit Bats, Insect-Eating Bats, The Cob… 16:27 Read by Diana V
The Elephant 20:37 Read by Ruth P.
Tapirs and Hyrax 8:25 Read by Larry Wilson
The Rhinoceros 18:28 Read by Max
The Horse Tribe, Zebras and Wild Asses 24:22 Read by tommack
Domesticated Horses, Asses and Mules 21:13 Read by tommack
The Hollowed-Horn Ruminants, British Park-Cattle, and The Aurochs, Some Domesti… 20:38 Read by Nettle
The Yak, The Bison, The Buffaloes, The Tamarau and Anoa, The Musk-Ox 21:28 Read by Brittany Waring
The Sheep, The European Moufflon, The Argalis, The Bighorn Sheep of America and… 16:02 Read by Brittany Waring
Domesticated Sheep, English Breeds of Sheep 11:45 Read by Ruth P.
The Goats, Wild Goats, The Ibex, The Markhor, The Tahr, The Nilgiri Tahr, or Ni… 22:02 Read by Kristy Carpenter
The Antelopes, The Hartebeests, Bontebok and Blesbok Group, The Gnus, The Small… 17:12 Read by acousticwave
The Waterbucks, The Blackbuck of India, The Gazelles 19:02 Read by Jay Mistry
The Sable Antelope, The Oryx, The Bushbucks, The Inyala,The Sitatunga 19:11 Read by Anthony Viola
The Greater Kudu and the Lesser Kudu, The Eland 9:31 Read by Anthony Viola
The Giraffe and Okapi 21:26 Read by Jackie Graves
The Deer Tribe, The Reindeer, The Elk, or Moose, Red Deer 23:09 Read by Steven Winterburn
The Maral and Kashmir Stag, Wapiti, Bokhara Deer, Sikas, Fallow Deer 15:53 Read by GodsDreamer
The Sambar, or Rusine Deer, Other Typical Deer 13:39 Read by GodsDreamer
The Muntjacs, Tufted Deer, Water-deer, Roe Deer, Père David's Deer 14:33 Read by acousticwave
The American Deer, The Musk-deer 17:09 Read by Linda Cantoni
The Camel Tribe And The Chevrotains, The True Camel, The Bactrian Camel, The Ll… 20:45 Read by Steven Winterburn
The Pig Tribe, The True Pigs, The Babirusa, The Wart-hogs, The Peccaries 27:54 Read by tommack
The Hippopotamus 23:40 Read by csinclair
The Dugong, Manatees, Whales, Porpoises, And Dolphins 33:32 Read by Louise J. Belle
The Sloths, The Anteaters 11:09 Read by Steven Winterburn
Armadillos, The Pichiciago, The Peludo, The Pangolin, The Aardvark 12:10 Read by Steven Winterburn
Marsupials, The Kangaroo 31:06 Read by Brittany Waring
The Phalangers, The Koala 10:13 Read by Julian Pratley
The Typical Phalangers, The Opossums 13:04 Read by Rowan Etzel
The Cuscuses, The Wombat, The Bandicoot 21:02 Read by Kristine Bekere
The Pouched Mole, The Tasmanian Wolf, The Tasmanian Devil, The Native Cats, The… 17:37 Read by Kristine Bekere
The American Opossums, The Selva 10:17 Read by Kristine Bekere
Monotremes, Or Egg-Laying Mammals, The Echidna, The Platypus 17:17 Read by Kristine Bekere