Stories from the History of Rome

Read by Melissa Jane

(3.7 stars; 38 reviews)

Mrs. Emily Beesly, the writer of this brilliant narrative, lived in an era of nothing but fairy tales and "the stories of nursery life" for her children. Yet, she believed that when historical stories of importance were reworded into narratives fit for her children's ears, they, too could learn the Stories from the History of Rome and grow in knowledge, fascination, and wonder with the past. This is the product of that idea and desire. Summary by Melissa Petermann (3 hr 42 min)


Preface 3:23 Read by Melissa Jane
The Building of Rome 6:31 Read by Melissa Jane
The Horatii and the Curatii 14:12 Read by Melissa Jane
Brutus and His Sons 6:01 Read by Melissa Jane
How Lars Porsenna Besieged Rome 10:06 Read by Melissa Jane
Caius Marcius and His Mother 20:52 Read by Melissa Jane
The Deeds of the Fabii 14:00 Read by Melissa Jane
Cincinnatus 9:45 Read by Melissa Jane
The Battle of Corbio 9:04 Read by Melissa Jane
How the Romans Won Two Cities 16:48 Read by Melissa Jane
The Taking of Rome 22:20 Read by Melissa Jane
The Gulf in the Forum 3:17 Read by Melissa Jane
The Story of Titus Manlius 18:14 Read by Melissa Jane
The Death of Decius 13:41 Read by Melissa Jane
The Caudine Forks 20:08 Read by Melissa Jane
The Two Fabii 9:45 Read by Melissa Jane
How Pyrrhus Fought Against Rome 24:37 Read by Melissa Jane


(4 stars)

I like the book but the reader needs to show more emotion when she reads.

good 🙂

(2 stars)

Good story but bad reader 😕🙁

(5 stars)

I think the negative reviews here are unwarranted. She is not a bad reader; she has a more theatrical style, which some may not prefer, but my 10 yo daughter enjoyed it. As a fellow-LibriVox volunteer, I appreciate the time this reader took to record this book so that busy homeschool moms like me can get some of my kids’ readings in audio. Although there are unfortunately some very poor readers on LibriVox, who either read monotone, slur, or have terrible recording and editing quality, that is not the case with this reader. She simply has a distinct style of reading that some will definitely enjoy. :) Thanks!

History of Rome

(3.5 stars)

Ok the stories are great! But Melissa Jane's voice is annoying! Lady your suppose to read this book in one voice so that people can enjoy it! Other than that it was great! Don't raise your voice when it's not needed. That's how you can get bad feedbacks. Other than that people she was fine . But listen for yourself and then write your REVIEW! Not before! Because you might like her voice.


(5 stars)

My son is dyslexic and can’t read this on his own yet, so it’s super helpful to have this as an audio! My son appreciates the variation in the readers voice bc he can track the story better!

(3.5 stars)

good book but the reader is a bit annoying 😔


(0.5 stars)

the narration was horrible 😮‍💨😏😑đŸ˜Ē🤮đŸ¤ĸ🤕🤒😕😟🙁☹ī¸đŸ˜ĩ😤đŸĨąđŸ˜Ģ😩