The Three Hostages

Read by Kimberly Krause

(3.8 stars; 42 reviews)

The Three Hostages is the fourth of five Richard Hannay novels. The Richard Hannay novels are action/mystery/spy novels with a James bond feel. This book starts out with Richard Hannay married to Mary Lamington living in Fosse Manor. He is asked to work undercover and figure out who kidnapped three children of prominent people, while Scotland Yard investigate the abductions officially. Different friends help him solve the mystery. It's suspenseful and a fun action packed mystery!
- Summary by Kimberly Shoemaker (11 hr 59 min)


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(3 stars)

The reader has a huge problem with sibilance, phrasing and mispronunciation of words including the author's name. I was unable to listen to this book due to those issues.

Awful just awful reader

(1 stars)

Couldn't even pronounce the authors name.. Avoid at all cost

(4 stars)

An incompetent reader for the first and last chapters; otherwise excellent.

(1 stars)

Yet another excellent Haney novel. Buchan never fails! However I must critique one of the readers. She has a wonderful voice tone, but her pronunciation of many of the key names and places were very off. She also tended to pause awkwardly and fumble while reading. However she only read for the first 3-4 chapters, and the last 3-4 chapters. The other readers in between were superb. Thank you LibriVox for another wonderful listen!!

Great story but read by committee

(2.5 stars)

worth the effort. Some readers are very good somewhere good and one was poor. Pronunciation of terms was highly variable. One excellent reader. and one that didn't bother to check pronunciation before her endeavor. But overall it's worth listening to for an excellent story.

might have been a good story

(3 stars)

I appreciate the reader’s effort very much, but her reading style is lifeless and flat, which robs the story of interest and excitement. Her mispronunciations, especially of names, was hard to listen to.