Zarah the Cruel

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As told to a group of Bedouins as they sit around the fire, this tale , set in the Arabian desert, tells of a Holy Man accused of murder, and forced to flee and lead a nomadic life until he can prove his innocence. Some listeners may be offended by the ideas presented in this text. This is a reflection of the thinking at the time it was written. It is Librivox policy to not censor works.( Lynne Thompson) (10 hr 53 min)


Prologue 22:40 Read by fshort
I 30:03 Read by Mary in Arkansas
II 14:21 Read by Beth Blakely
III 28:21 Read by Angela Jefferies
IV 28:29 Read by Dwarika
V 15:07 Read by Jim Gallagher
VI 22:25 Read by Matthew Reece
VII 30:10 Read by Dwarika
VIII 22:58 Read by Angela Jefferies
IX 27:44 Read by Thomas Garner
X 25:22 Read by fshort
XI 25:40 Read by fshort
XII 23:09 Read by Simona Perego
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XIV 26:52 Read by Angela Jefferies
XV 33:08 Read by Angela Jefferies
XVI 23:48 Read by Simona Perego
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XVIII 42:00 Read by drwebber
XIX 30:19 Read by Thoria
XX 24:44 Read by realisticspeakers
XXI 37:44 Read by fshort
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XXIII 28:44 Read by fshort
Epilogue 2:48 Read by Lynne T