The Horla

Read by Louise J. Belle

(4.3 stars; 21 reviews)

"The Horla" (French title "Le Horla") is among the most famous short stories by the French writer Guy de Maupassant. This version, published in 1887, is an expanded version of that previously published in the Paris literary periodical, Le Gil Blas, on October 26, 1886. Written as a series of private journal entries, it recounts the narrator's terrifying experience of "a strange, unknowable, and invisible being."

- Summary by Louise J. Belle (1 hr 46 min)


Part I 17:14 Read by Louise J. Belle
Part II 16:37 Read by Louise J. Belle
Part III 21:02 Read by Louise J. Belle
Part IV 25:01 Read by Louise J. Belle
Part V 18:29 Read by Louise J. Belle
Part VI 8:23 Read by Louise J. Belle


Great story!

(5 stars)

Madness is a slow process, so believably told that you could see yourself being the afflicted party. And the reader savored every bit of the process, all the way up to the surprise ending! I give it 5 stars for a very enjoyable hour and a half listen.

A fantastic listen for an average book

(4 stars)

I feel the best way to read/listen to this is to go in blind, so I will just say that if you enjoy uncanny valley themes, gothic, cosmic horror and/or a splash of 18th century classism, this is the book for you.