There and Back

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(4.6 stars; 55 reviews)

An unscrupulous baronet is left a widower and couldn't care less what happens to his ugly newborn heir. But when an icy stepmother moves in and the child is stolen away by his loving nurse, what can unfold but a riveting account of the years of mystery, drama, love and lessons for which MacDonald's writings are known. (Sequel to Thomas Wingfold, Curate and "Paul Faber, Surgeon") - Summary by HannahMary (17 hr 8 min)


Father, Child, and Nurse 21:48 Read by Devorah Allen
Stepmother and Nurse 9:44 Read by Joe Selah
The Flight 9:26 Read by jenno
The Bookbinder and His Pupil 22:18 Read by csinclair
The Mansons 22:10 Read by jenno
Simon Armour 16:35 Read by jenno
Comparisons 10:50 Read by Joe Selah
A Lost Shoe 11:46 Read by Hannah Mary
A Holiday 12:59 Read by jenno
The Library 14:45 Read by La-Foy
Alice 17:46 Read by Lenore Rose
Mortgrange 9:17 Read by Lenore Rose
The Beech Tree 15:12 Read by Holly
The Library 7:00 Read by Lenore Rose
Barbara Wylder 12:00 Read by JaneGrey17
Barbara and Richard 20:05 Read by JaneGrey17
Barbara and Others 8:03 Read by JaneGrey17
Mrs. Wylder 15:30 Read by JaneGrey17
Mrs. Wylder and Barbara 6:25 Read by Lily
Barbara and Her Critics 8:02 Read by Joe Selah
The Parson's Parable 19:18 Read by Holly
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 49:21 Read by Holly
A Human Gadfly 14:57 Read by Holly
Richard and Wingfold 13:44 Read by Holly
Wingfold and His Wife 7:03 Read by Hannah Mary
Richard and Alice 15:21 Read by Lisa Villado
A Sister 25:31 Read by Lisa Villado
Barbara and Lady Ann 20:21 Read by Holly
Alice and Barbara 32:10 Read by Holly
Barbara Thinks 17:10 Read by Devorah Allen
Wingfold and Barbara 28:02 Read by George Emerson
The Shoeing of Miss Brown 15:56 Read by Hannah Mary
Richard and Vixen 12:08 Read by Holly
Barbara's Duty 28:19 Read by Holly
The Parson's Counsel 22:33 Read by Marina
Lady Ann Meditates 11:36 Read by Marina
Lady Ann and Richard 7:45 Read by Marina
Richard and Arthur 14:55 Read by Marina
Mr., Mrs., and Miss Wylder 22:19 Read by Marina
In London 15:13 Read by Marina
Nature and Supernature 17:51 Read by Marina
Yet a Lower Deep 20:07 Read by Marina
To Be Redeemed, One Must Redeem 7:51 Read by Marina
A Door Opened in Heaven 12:42 Read by Marina
The Carriage 12:01 Read by Marina
Richard's Dilemma 9:17 Read by Holly
The Doors of Harmony and Death 23:52 Read by Holly
Death and the Deliverer 9:14 Read by Holly
The Cave in the Fire 15:43 Read by George Emerson
Duck Fists 29:56 Read by George Emerson
Baronet and Blacksmith 13:45 Read by CTR
Uncle-Father and Aunt-Mother 16:06 Read by Holly
Morning 13:20 Read by Devorah Allen
Barbara at Home 17:28 Read by weezer
Miss Brown 15:00 Read by weezer
Wingfold and Barbara 4:57 Read by Hannah Mary
The Baronet's Will 7:44 Read by CTR
The Heir 18:31 Read by weezer
Wingfold and Arthur Manson 5:45 Read by Hannah Mary
Richard and His Family 11:42 Read by jenno
Heart to Heart 9:32 Read by jenno
The Quarrel 16:54 Read by jenno
Baronet and Blacksmith 9:36 Read by jenno
The Baronet's Funeral 19:42 Read by jenno
The Packet 11:17 Read by jenno
Barbara's Dream 12:46 Read by Devorah Allen



(5 stars)

Wrong theology? No. A beautiful story with theology of rare purity and clarity of vision.

(3.5 stars)

It seems every time I read or listen to a book by this Author, I say in awe and amazement, this, this, is my favorite! And so yet once again as I tearfully and regretfully come to the end of this book, I say again, “This, this is my favorite one of George MacDonalds books.” So many times during my listening I stopped to write down and file away for further meditating on. Subjects like books was an entirely new consideration… that they are living breathing friends.. I was awes & humbled many times and stopped to chat with my Heavenly Father. I thanked Him time after time for blessing our world with such a beautiful storyteller, who had the ability to make me deepen my desire and awareness & rededicate my heart to The Most High, Elohim! Why this is not given 5 stars is due to the narrators. Oh how I wish only one enjoyable experienced narrator would have read the entire book. So I leave this book w a hunger to draw near to God and bless Him and serve with His heart!

(5 stars)

Truly a work of MacDonald with plenty of his wrong theology and lengthy thought processes, but I very much was delighted by the honorable characters and encouraged by the redemptive story. Will listen again!

(4 stars)

Many of the readers were very good and added life to the story

(5 stars)

listen to it again and it is still a marvelous book

(4.5 stars)

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(5 stars)

a relief from everyday dreary stories and common forms

(3 stars)

Good story line, takes you up to the edge and just when you're going to step off it drags you back. But it loses you with the long dramatic descriptions.