A Girl of High Adventure

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Marguerite St. Juste was Irish on her mother's side, who was born of the Desmonds of Desmondstown in the County Kerry. Marguerite's father was a French Comte, whose grandfather had been one of the victims of the guillotine. Both her parents are dead and she is being brought up by an aunt and uncle. She wants to find out about the rest of her family and her adventures take her to Ireland and France. - Summary by Michele Eaton (9 hr 1 min)


Chapter 01 The Child Who Won Hearts 17:05 Read by ashleighjane
Chapter 02 A Visit to Ireland 26:15 Read by ashleighjane
Chapter 03 An Irish Chieftain at Home 18:22 Read by Mollie Carty
Chapter 04 Old Young People 29:07 Read by Mischella
Chapter 05 I'll Explain to Yourself 29:09 Read by Tami Jo Bechdol
Chapter 06 M. Le Comte 17:50 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter 07 The Little Comtesse 16:56 Read by Vibhakumari S
Chapter 08 Brown Hats and Fans 17:48 Read by Vibhakumari S
Chapter 09 The English Girls at the School of La Princesse 30:17 Read by SpeakeasyBea
Chapter 10 Thou Art Faithful and so are my Bees 29:19 Read by SpeakeasyBea
Chapter 11 Thunder Storm 21:02 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Chapter 12 Gem of the Ocean 23:58 Read by sidaggar
Chapter 13 The Pines 25:05 Read by AnnaR77
Chapter 14 Starlight and Tilly 19:03 Read by AnnaR77
Chapter 15 I Cannot Talk Parley-vous 26:14 Read by Veenaswa
Chapter 16 The Fear of the Shillelagh 25:21 Read by Mooninya
Chapter 17 If it Must Be, It Must 22:05 Read by Nancy Halper
Chapter 18 The Green Hat 27:00 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Chapter 19 The Cabinet de Beaute 20:46 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Chapter 20 A Conspiracy 22:03 Read by Annie Mars
Chapter 21 The Palace of Truth 18:35 Read by Francesco Dembinski
Chapter 22 It is Joyful to Behold Thee, My Pushkeen 9:04 Read by Michele Eaton
Chapter 23 The Glorious Softness of Ireland 24:53 Read by Annie Mars
Chapter 24 A Pound a Day A Picture and a Wedding 24:40 Read by Nancy Halper