A Casket of Cameos

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Frank Boreham was a well known preacher who served in England, Australia, and New Zealand. He published dozens of books and thousands of editorials during his lifetime, with no sign of slowing down, even up until his death at age 88. He wrote with a distinctive style, seeming to be able to draw a spiritual lesson out of any conceivable topic.

This is the third volume of his "Texts That Made History" series, in which he sketches the lives of eminent Christians throughout the ages and the specific scriptures from which they each drew their inspiration and strength. (Devorah Allen) (6 hr 54 min)


By Way of Introduction 1:07 Read by Devorah Allen
George Moore's Text 19:55 Read by drandall
David Brainerd's Text 18:42 Read by Charlie Joseph
Sir Ernest Shackleton's Text 19:43 Read by Richard Potenza
George Whitefield's Text 20:05 Read by Devorah Allen
Cardinal Newman's Text 17:12 Read by weezer
Mark Sabre's Text 18:11 Read by weezer
Robert Lamb's Text 20:10 Read by Paul Brian Stewart
Philip Melancthon's Text 17:18 Read by Larry Wilson
John Bright's Text 20:20 Read by Richard Potenza
Joey McQumpha's Text 17:13 Read by mleigh
J. G. Paton's Text 17:02 Read by Ahikam Devadason
Santa Teresa's Text 19:50 Read by weezer
Sydney Dobell's Text 22:36 Read by Lisa Villado
C. G. Finney's Text 17:13 Read by Larry Wilson
Rosalie Joyce's Text 16:14 Read by mleigh
John Williams' Text 16:45 Read by Paul Brian Stewart
W. M. Thackeray's Text 20:42 Read by drandall
Countess of Huntingdon's Text 19:57 Read by weezer
Charles Simeon's Text 16:23 Read by Rayanne Robison
Thomas Wingfold's Text 17:10 Read by Devorah Allen
Lord Shaftesbury's Text 18:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Dr. R. W. Dale's Text 21:50 Read by Richard Potenza