Short Science Fiction Collection 069

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the sciences and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind. - Summary by A. Gramour (8 hr 18 min)


Solar Stiff 14:30 Read by Dale Grothmann
Shipwreck in the Sky 16:59 Read by Rohan31
The Street That Wasn't There 48:53 Read by Jedediah Smith
A City Near Centaurus 28:31 Read by ZeeDee
Doorway to Destruction 11:16 Read by Dale Grothmann
Black-out 11:09 Read by Dale Grothmann
Native Son 15:31 Read by Curtis R.
The Victory of Klon 14:32 Read by Dale Grothmann
Oridin's Formula 18:48 Read by Dale Grothmann
Time Fuze 9:59 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Next Time We Die 16:37 Read by evanrw
Moment of Truth 10:21 Read by Dale Grothmann
Message From Mars 1:06:31 Read by Liam Green
Year of the Big Thaw 21:05 Read by dfrakk
Zen 27:15 Read by Tommy Hersant
Survival Tactics 22:53 Read by evanrw
The Sloths of Kruvny 18:26 Read by Rapunzelina
World in a Mirror 15:42 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Ham Sandwich 55:13 Read by Rapunzelina
Zehru of Xollar 54:27 Read by Larry Wilson


(5 stars)

another great reading from the team

A good collection

(4 stars)

Some good and some great readings. A couple of weak ones. Well worth a listen