True Detective Stories from the Archives of the Pinkertons

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In his true crime collection, True Detective Stories: From the Archives of the Pinkertons, Cleveland Moffett details some of the more fascinating stories pulled from the archives of the Pinkertons Detective Agency. The Pinkertons were one of the most famed detective agencies in America during the late 19th century. Jump into another era and follow along as the detectives investigate train robberies, bank robberies and more! - Summary by Brie Buyaky

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The Northampton Bank Robbery 54:38 Read by Brie Buyaky
The Susquehanna Express Robbery 34:07 Read by Brie Buyaky
The Pollock Diamond Robbery 21:44 Read by Piotr Nater
The Rock Island Express 35:37 Read by Piotr Nater
The Destruction of the Renos 28:48 Read by Piotr Nater
The American Exchange Bank Robbery 51:55 Read by Piotr Nater


(4 stars)

Very interesting histories of several cases of grand larceny solved by Alan Pinkerton and his agents in the late 19th century. Despite minimal forensics available at the time, the Pinkertons relied largely on inferential suspicion about the consistency of criminals' behavior, followed by dogged pursuit, sometimes over years. Eventually the evidence falls into place and the Pinkertons get their man. The stories are filled with complex details of places, circumstances, and suspects which demanded my close attention.

excellent reading + great story.

(5 stars)

absolutely fascinating story. I never knew a thing about the Pinkerton Detective Agency. they were the forerunners of the Secret Service. they worked for Union Intelligence during the Civil War. they prevented an assassination attempt on Lincoln before his first inauguration. they also hired the first woman and first black detectives in US history.

Beautiful Voice

(5 stars)

The stories are only so so. What makes this a 5 Star review is the beautifully seductive voice of Brie Buyaky. Please record more titles Mrs Buyaky.

(3 stars)

Pretty good. Narratives are delivered in a factual, non-fiction manner and cover, in detail, the crime perpetration and the subsequent investigations and captures.

thick accent

(1 stars)

partway through it changes to a reader whose accent is so heavy it's very difficult to understand what he is reading.