Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy from Italy and Switzerland

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A collection of the letters which Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy wrote while in Italy and Switzerland. Mendelssohn, a multifaceted talent of the Romantic era, composed a diverse array of works, including symphonies, concertos, piano music, and chamber pieces. (Summary by Mozartjr) (9 hr 6 min)


Introduction 20:29 Read by LGroden
May 21st-June 6th 1830 19:25 Read by LGroden
June 14th-September 28th 17:09 Read by LGroden
October 10th-October 23rd 20:57 Read by LGroden
October 24th-November 8th 18:52 Read by LGroden
November 9th-November 30th 20:37 Read by LGroden
December 10th-December 11th 19:13 Read by LGroden
December 18th-January 17th 1831 24:49 Read by LGroden
Febuary 1st-March 1st 21:06 Read by LGroden
March 15th-April 4th 24:14 Read by LGroden
April 13th-April 27th 22:40 Read by LGroden
May 17th-May 28th 20:06 Read by LGroden
June 6th-June 16th 42:36 Read by LGroden
June 25th-July 14th 25:48 Read by LGroden
July 15th-July 24th 19:15 Read by LGroden
End of July-August 7th 15:15 Read by LGroden
August 8th-August 13th 21:57 Read by LGroden
August 14th-August 23rd 26:24 Read by Christina Lauralino
August 24th-September 3rd 28:45 Read by gont
September 4th-December 19th 32:28 Read by Christina Lauralino
December 20th-January 11th 1832 31:08 Read by Beeswaxcandle
January 14th-February 21st 25:26 Read by Beeswaxcandle
March 15th-June 1st 28:09 Read by Claudia Caldi