Dead Men Tell No Tales

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(4.1 stars; 33 reviews)

Ernest William Hornung (June 7, 1866 – March 22, 1921) was an English author. Hornung was the third son of John Peter Hornung, a Hungarian, and was born in Middlesbrough. He was educated at Uppingham during some of the later years of its great headmaster, Edward Thring. He spent most of his life in England and France, but in 1884 left for Australia and stayed for two years where he working as a tutor at Mossgiel station. Although his Australian experience had been so short, it coloured most of his literary work from A Bride from the Bush published in 1899, to Old Offenders and a few Old Scores, which appeared after his death. After he returned from Australia in 1886, he married Constance Doyle, the sister of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1893. (Wikipedia) (6 hr 10 min)


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THE MYSTERIOUS CARGO 25:57 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
TO THE WATER'S EDGE 11:31 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
THE SILENT SEA 12:40 Read by Robin Cotter
MY REWARD 14:29 Read by Nichole Karl
THE SOLE SURVIVOR 11:34 Read by Nichole Karl
I FIND A FRIEND 17:01 Read by Belinda Brown
A SMALL PRECAUTION 11:56 Read by Gesine
MY CONVALESCENT HOME 14:15 Read by Nichole Karl
WINE AND WEAKNESS 26:13 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
I LIVE AGAIN 16:07 Read by Nichole Karl
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IN THE GARDEN 23:46 Read by Kristine Bekere
FIRST BLOOD 15:58 Read by Kristine Bekere
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Excellent mystery/adventure

(4 stars)

A ship carrying secret cargo sinks under mysterious circumstances, and Mr Cole is the only survivor. This breaks his heart, especially since he had met the lady of his dreams on the ship. Then, while convalescing, he sees someone who he thinks was someone from the ship. Confused, he decides to take up a friend's offer to rest in the countryside, which leads only to more mystery and more appearances of people who were thought dead. Is he seeing things, or is there something more sinister to the mystery of the sunken ship? Mixed readers, but no complaints. I enjoyed the story very much.

An excellent story

(3 stars)

I greatly enjoyed this book and on the whole it was well read. Sadly chapters two, ten and twenty are read by one of LibriVox's worst readers. I would have given the book 5 stars had someone else been chosen to read these three chapters.

I quit listeniing

(2 stars)

Chapter 4 has such a horrible hum I gave it up. How do they let such things slide.