The Sick Man's Comfort Book

Read by MaryAnn

(5 stars; 3 reviews)

Amongst the many wonderful truths which are spoken of God in the Bible, one of the most wonderful and beautiful is that He is a "God of comfort."

"Comfort" is such a soothing word in itself, that, the moment we hear of it in connection with God we are led to expect great things; some cheering, some lifting up, some refreshment, some ease, some lightening of our trouble, something very good.

O Thou most worthy judge eternal, we have no comfort in ourselves, and unless Thou hadst revealed Thyself as a comforting God we could have had none in Thee. Show Thyself to us, as Thou art in Thy word. Comfort us with the kindness that there is in Thyself; and speak peace to all the readers of this book, for the sake of The Great Peacemaker, -- the Prince of peace, Jesus Christ Himself -- Amen. (from the Introduction) (2 hr 27 min)


(5 stars)

brilliant book read beautifully by Mary Ann. Always a pleasure to listen to anything read by her . Thankyou.