The Empire of Business

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This collection of essays by Scottish-American steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie, gathered from various periodicals and first published in book form in 1902, provides insight into one of history’s richest and most notable entrepreneurs/philanthropists. Carnegie shares his outlook on the economic situation in America at the turn of the 20th century, the state of the US oil, coal, rail, and steel industries, the relationship between capital and labour, individualism vs. socialism, the public/private sector partnership, the upward climb of humanity into prosperity, the importance of land and population, trade and the best uses of tariffs, etc. He also discusses the personal rewards of hard work, integrity, thrift, how to accumulate wealth, cultivation of the lifelong reading habit, use of libraries, and other advice for achieving success. Included is one of his most famous little essays, "The Three Legged Stool". - Summary by Michele Fry (8 hr 40 min)


I. The Road To Business Success - A Talk To Young Men 25:02 Read by KevinS
II. The Common Interest of Labour and Capital 32:40 Read by Michele Fry
III. Thrift As A Duty 7:30 Read by KevinS
IV. How To Win Fortune 38:32 Read by Tina Ding
V. Wealth and Its Uses 49:49 Read by Tina Ding
VI. Anglo-American Trade Relations 22:47 Read by Michele Fry
VII. Business, Part 1 33:39 Read by William Allan Jones
VIII. Business Part 2 27:57 Read by William Allan Jones
IX. The Three-Legged Stool 4:33 Read by Wayne Cooke
X. Railroads, Past and Present 17:49 Read by Joanne Turner
XI. Wealth, Part 1 35:45 Read by Tom Carroll
XII. Wealth, Part 2 32:59 Read by Tom Carroll
XIII. Labour 44:17 Read by Michele Fry
XIV. Wages 15:52 Read by Joanne Turner
XV. Thrift 4:59 Read by Wayne Cooke
XVI. The Land 19:05 Read by Danetrain
XVII. Individualism versus Socialism 27:45 Read by djpentz
XVIII. Variety versus Uniformity 16:20 Read by dqtcat
XIX. Family Relations 15:27 Read by dqtcat
XX. The Long March Upward 11:59 Read by Wayne Cooke
XXI. My Experience with Railway Rates and Rebates 36:02 Read by Joanne Turner


Great book. still relevant in business administration today.

(5 stars)