My Danish Sweetheart Volume 2

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(5 stars; 4 reviews)

Volume 2 begins as our hero winds up his story. But the question remains, what happened to the other boat? Hugh and Helga have been picked up by a small boat, which is, apparently, headed for Australia against all seafaring wisdom. Too far from the coast to backtrack, the couple set out on an unanticipated journey. (5 hr 1 min)


The 'Early Morn' 33:24 Read by Brent T. Nasworthy
Heading South 27:57 Read by Stephen R Gagin
A Longshore Quarrel 39:54 Read by TR Love
A Sailor's Death 25:35 Read by Ritu Aarcee
The End of The Early Morn 31:21 Read by ErikS04
Captain Joppa Bunting 36:20 Read by Katharina21
On Board The Light of the World 35:24 Read by Katharina21
A Crew of Malays 34:49 Read by Gini Rosario
Bunting's Forecastle Fare 36:17 Read by Gini Rosario