The "Falcon" on the Baltic

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(4.7 stars; 12 reviews)

A coasting voyage boyage in a small yacht from Hammersmith in the UK to Copenhagen and back, including various visits to places on the Baltic. - Summary by Jane Bennett (8 hr 2 min)


I Get a New Boat 22:47 Read by Jane Bennett
The New Boat Leaks 27:45 Read by KevinS
Across the North Sea 34:43 Read by KevinS
From Rotterdam to Amsterdam 37:19 Read by KevinS
On the Zuider Zee 39:23 Read by catherinely27
To the Dollart 30:50 Read by Steven Seitel
The Frisian Islands 41:57 Read by Steven Seitel
From Jade to the Eider 25:49 Read by Steven Seitel
Kiel Bay 33:55 Read by John
The Fiords of Schleswig 38:28 Read by Steven Seitel
The Little Belt and Veile Fiord 33:47 Read by Steven Seitel
Across the Great Belt 36:06 Read by Steven Seitel
The Kattegat and Ise Fiord 35:36 Read by Steven Seitel
Gillelie and the Sound 31:40 Read by Steven Seitel
Copenhagen and Home, + Endnote 12:03 Read by Steven Seitel


(3.5 stars)

His shipmate seemed to disappear when going ashore ? Either not invited or left stranded as the owner went off with tender. Surprised the crew returned and amazed a phrase book was not purchased. The arrogance of expecting English. Two world wars and have we much changed plus chucking ourselves out of Europe?