Mountain Idylls, and Other Poems

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"The author of this unpretentious volume has long questioned the advisability of adding a book to our already inflated and overloaded literature, unless it should contain something in the nature of a deviation from beaten literary paths.

Whether the reading public will regard this as such or not is a question for the future to determine, as every book is a creature of circumstance, and at the date of its publication an algebraic unknown quantity.

It was not the original intention of the author to publish any of his effusions in collective form until more mature years and riper judgment should better qualify him for the task of composition, and should enable him to still further pursue the important studies of etymology, rhetoric, Latin and Greek, and complete the education which youthful environment denied.

On the 17th of March, A.D. 1900, occurred an accident in the form of a premature mining explosion which banished the light of the Colorado sun from his eyes forever, adding the almost insurmountable barrier of total and hopeless blindness to those of limited means and insufficient education. At first further effort seemed useless, but as time meliorates in some degree even the most deplorable and distressing physical conditions, ambition slowly rallied, and while lying for several months a patient in various hospitals in an ineffectual attempt to regain even partial sight, the following ideas and efforts of past years were gradually recalled from the recesses of memory, and reduced to their present form, in which, with no small hesitation and misgiving, they are presented to the consideration of the reading public, which in the humble opinion of the author has frequently failed to receive and appreciate productions of vastly superior merit." (Excerpt from the Preface) (2 hr 32 min)


Dedication / Preface 6:00 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Grandeur 8:35 Read by Cavaet
Nature's Child 1:16 Read by Joebin
To the Pines 0:43 Read by Alan Mapstone
Reflections 1:37 Read by Ethan
Life's Mystery 0:50 Read by Ethan
The Fallen Tree 2:04 Read by Ethan
There is an Air of Majesty 1:12 Read by George Emerson
Think Not That the Heart Is Devoid of Emotion 1:07 Read by George Emerson
Humanity's Stream 7:27 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Nature's Lullaby 1:34 Read by Larry Wilson
The Spirit of freedom is Born of the Mountains 0:43 Read by Sawyer Rewis
The Valley of the San Miguel 2:25 Read by Alan Mapstone
To Mother Huberta 2:03 Read by Larry Wilson
Suggested by a Mountain Eagle 2:06 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Silvery San Juan 2:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
As the Shifting Sands of the Desert 1:50 Read by George Emerson
Missed 0:57 Read by George Emerson
If I Have Lived Before 1:11 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Darker Side 1:28 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The Miner 2:08 Read by Alan Mapstone
Life's Undercurrent 3:04 Read by George Emerson
They Cannot See the Wreaths We Place 1:18 Read by George Emerson
Mother—Alpha and Omega 2:03 Read by George Emerson
Empty are the Mother's Arms 0:49 Read by George Emerson
In Deo Fides 1:38 Read by Larry Wilson
Shall Love, as the Bridal Wreath, Whither and Die? 0:58 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Shall Our Memories Live When the Sod Rolls Above Us? 1:27 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Reverie 1:15 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Love's Plea 1:05 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust 1:39 Read by Larry Wilson
Despair 1:59 Read by Larry Wilson
Hidden Sorrows 1:53 Read by Christine Peterson
O, a Beautiful Thing Is the Flower That Fadeth! 1:01 Read by George Emerson
Smiles 1:50 Read by Christine Peterson
A Request 1:44 Read by Stefan Von Blon
Battle Hymn 1:18 Read by Denise Ray
The Nations Peril 2:12 Read by Denise Ray
Echoes from Galilee 5:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Go, And Sin No More 1:02 Read by Larry Wilson
Gently Lead Me, Star Divine 0:57 Read by Larry Wilson
Dying Hymn 0:54 Read by Larry Wilson
In Mortem Meditare 3:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Deprive This Strange and Complex World 1:06 Read by Stefan Von Blon
The Legend of St. Regimund 7:36 Read by Larry Wilson
As The Indian 1:12 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Fragrant Perfume of the Flowers 0:59 Read by Christine Peterson
An Answer 0:54 Read by Alan Mapstone
Fame 1:31 Read by Andrew Gaunce
The First Storm 0:51 Read by Cavaet
Thoughts 1:35 Read by Alan Mapstone
From A Saxon Legend 3:31 Read by Alan Mapstone
Christmas Chimes 1:09 Read by Ellies
The Unknowable 3:12 Read by Ellies
The Suicide 3:00 Read by Ellies
I Think When I Stand in the Presence of Death 1:32 Read by Ellies
Hope 5:08 Read by Ellies
Metabole 30:48 Read by Ellies