The Cornet of Horse

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(4.4 stars; 15 reviews)

Rupert Holiday is forced to flee England after wounding a miscreant in fight, and joins the Duke of Marlborough in his campaigns during the War of Spanish Succession. Rupert has many adventures and hairbreadth escapes, as he greatly distinguishes himself during the conflict. This was one of Henty's earliest books, and helped launch Henty's career as a Historical Fiction writer. - Summary by Charles P. Sapp (10 hr 33 min)


Windthorpe Chase 22:09 Read by Charles P. Sapp
Rupert to the Rescue 19:49 Read by Charles P. Sapp
A Kiss and its Consequences 24:23 Read by Charles P. Sapp
The Sedan Chair 21:49 Read by Charles P. Sapp
The Fencing School 32:05 Read by Jack Mundling
The War of Succession 19:09 Read by Jack Mundling
Venloo 25:30 Read by redrun
The Old Mill 23:30 Read by redrun
The Duel 28:42 Read by redrun
The Battle of the Dykes 26:01 Read by redrun
A Death Trap 19:44 Read by Yoganandh T
The Sad Side of War 26:09 Read by Gini Rosario
Blenheim 28:55 Read by George Nissan
The Riot at Dort 21:07 Read by KHand
The End of a Feud 20:49 Read by KHand
Ramilies 17:59 Read by KHand
A Prisoner of War 26:28 Read by Richa Jain
The Court of Versailles 28:16 Read by Richa Jain
The Evasion 28:37 Read by redrun
Loches 25:13 Read by Marie Christian
Back in Harness 25:21 Read by Mark Leder
Oudenarde 19:08 Read by Adele Pooley
The Siege of Lille 18:35 Read by czandra
Adele 20:29 Read by czandra
Flight and Pursuit 15:51 Read by The Countess
The Siege of Tournai 27:22 Read by Mark Leder
Malplaquet, and the End of the War 20:13 Read by Victoria Alice Bell