Stephen Mitchell's Journey

Read by TriciaG

(4.8 stars; 62 reviews)

Stephen Mitchell is a young man without a place in the world. He hates farming, although he works endless hours on the poor family farm. He isn't qualified for many jobs in town since he's had very little formal schooling. And he is a loner because he’s too self-conscious and awkward to speak to other boys his age, let alone a young lady. But Providence puts Stephen in the middle of a lecture at the Chautauqua camp meeting. For the first time in his life, Stephen is inspired to take one small step toward improving himself. And that single small step soon begets another. - Summary by TriciaG (9 hr 2 min)


An Up-Hill Start 19:50 Read by TriciaG
On the Early Freight 20:02 Read by TriciaG
More than He Bargained For 19:25 Read by TriciaG
The Afternoon Accommodation 18:54 Read by TriciaG
Making His Report 17:13 Read by TriciaG
Another Passenger 18:11 Read by TriciaG
The Down-Hill Road Described 16:55 Read by TriciaG
Trying a New Road 20:20 Read by TriciaG
Becoming a Champion 15:23 Read by TriciaG
Obstructions 18:42 Read by TriciaG
Intersecting Lines 17:50 Read by TriciaG
Side Tracks 18:31 Read by TriciaG
Plans for a Through Line 18:19 Read by TriciaG
Stockholders in Council 17:26 Read by TriciaG
More Passengers 19:22 Read by TriciaG
Through a New Country 20:20 Read by TriciaG
Laying a Track 21:19 Read by TriciaG
Complications 21:58 Read by TriciaG
Progress 21:57 Read by TriciaG
Trying to Catch Up 21:38 Read by TriciaG
Transferred 19:57 Read by TriciaG
A New Engineer 20:52 Read by TriciaG
Blocking the Track 21:52 Read by TriciaG
The Wrong Road 18:01 Read by TriciaG
Reviewing the Road 22:48 Read by TriciaG
Other Travelers 17:47 Read by TriciaG
Danger Signals 16:49 Read by TriciaG
The Through Line at Last 21:16 Read by TriciaG


(5 stars)

Great book, such an inspiration! Also, I want to thank Tricia G. for all the books she has recorded! I enjoy them so much and have been encouraged in my walk in the Lord through them!

Best author... best reader for these books

(5 stars)

so thankful for both

(4 stars)

Keep those Pansy books coming! My word, that lady was prolific. It’s not great literature, but there’s nothing better as a background for defrosting the freezer or dusting the baseboards. I don’t suppose it’s a big public favorite, but I happen to enjoy the life and quirks of the 1880s.


(5 stars)

Thank you, Tricia G and Librivox for another outstanding Isabella Alden Book. This is my second time listening and will not be the last. 💟

Truly Delightful

(5 stars)

I love Pansy books! Always a delight and TriciaG is fantastic.