Despoilers of the Golden Empire

Read by Steven Seitel

(4.6 stars; 47 reviews)

A handful of men, and an incredible adventure—a few super-men, led by a fanatic, seeking to conquer a new world! The story appears to be about an expedition through space to a planet inhabited by a civilized but technologically backward people, whom the expedition conquer. However, in the last line it is revealed to be anything but that.
[T]he story reads like a pulp magazine yarn mixing space travel and classic swashbuckling themes, to the point where the characters even fight with swords, bringing to mind the adventures of Flash Gordon, or the Barsoom stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. - Summary by Wikipedia, with excerpt from text (1 hr 42 min)


01 Chapters 1-4 14:16 Read by Steven Seitel
02 Chapters 5-8 25:53 Read by Steven Seitel
03 Chapters 9-12 26:23 Read by Steven Seitel
04 Chapters 13-15 21:01 Read by Steven Seitel
05 Chapter 16 15:01 Read by Steven Seitel


he didn’t fool me!

(5 stars)

Well read, clever idea for a story. Can you figure out the author’s trick?


(5 stars)

Creative telling of an interesting take on a sci-fi story!

excellent book

(5 stars)

I fell for it and loved it

good shorter story

(5 stars)

very well read. interesting story

a gripping yarn

(5 stars)

Excellently read, the story rolls on with good pace and detail. I did guess the reality,largely helped by the illustration

I'm pretty sure I read this when it came out

(5 stars)

but the hook got me again! Good job!

This is Raycyst

(5 stars)

It makes Conquistadores out to be a vile European colonizers. In actually both the Conquistadores and the Meztica were victims of the white male wealth structure that forced the Conquistadores to travel across oceans to enslave the Mezteca so that they may supply the white wealth mechants of Europe with the gold they needed. Really both the Mezteca and the Spanish were both victims of unequal power dynamics created by white people. Everything is always white peoples fault. The Conquistadores were brown skinned and therefore incapable of anything untowed. They are victims like all nonwhites.