Raggedy Andy Stories (version 2)

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The beloved Raggedy Ann stories are beloved classics about the little rag doll with the floppy body, perpetual smile and happy attitude. Well, these stores about Raggedy Andy, a boy rag doll who has those same attitudes and some exciting adventures. Read how he came into the life of Raggedy Ann and how they became best friends in the nursery. True, his enthusiasm to help gets him into some strange places with funny dolls and animals, but with the help of his friends he always comes through with a big smile as usual. - Summary by phil c (1 hr 30 min)


HOW RAGGEDY ANDY CAME 4:49 Read by Phil Chenevert
THE NURSERY DANCE 8:16 Read by Nan Dodge
THE SPINNING WHEEL 9:21 Read by Shriya
THE TAFFY PULL 10:32 Read by Nan Dodge
THE RABBIT CHASE 8:25 Read by Shriya
THE NEW TIN GUTTER 9:09 Read by Nan Dodge
DOCTOR RAGGEDY ANDY 9:23 Read by mleigh
RAGGEDY ANDY'S SMILE 7:14 Read by Kathi M. Walsheck
THE WOODEN HORSE 8:07 Read by Anamika
MAKING "ANGELS" IN THE SNOW 8:07 Read by mleigh
THE SINGING SHELL 7:31 Read by RomaSingh