Wine and Roses

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"Victor Daley, then a happy, wondering Irish lad, drifted out to Australia. His head was full of old tunes and fragments of poetry; his pocket was nearly empty. The sunshine and freedom of Australia delighted him, and, in careless, vagabond fashion he enjoyed the fleeting pleasures of the day with little thought of the morrow. A good companion, " a fellow of infinite jest," life to him was a gallant spectacle, which he loved to look at and did not take seriously. Worldly success never tempted him, for he was a Bohemian by birth; but he was also descendant of a bardic sept, and he wanted to be a poet. So he wrote verses charged with the melancholy regret of the Celt for vanished glories and the beauty of remote things, dainty opalescent lyrics with hints of fairy music, witty and ironic verse on passing events, and, occasionally, prose sketches. When the pressure of hard realities brought sorrow into his life he wrote more gaily and vigorously than ever. For twenty years or more he charmed a large number of readers. In this thinly-peopled continent the makers of verse are numerous, and though Daley never appealed to so large an audience as the ballad writers, he was the writer best beloved of the writing clan." - Summary from the book "Wine and Roses" (3 hr 1 min)


Memoir 16:57 Read by Algy Pug
Romance 5:02 Read by Meetali10
Anacreon 1:18 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Woods of Dandenong 1:48 Read by Algy Pug
The Soldan's Daughter 2:54 Read by Algy Pug
The Quest of Brahma 5:42 Read by Algy Pug
Desire 3:50 Read by Sonia
Sheelah 1:19 Read by Larry Wilson
The Road of Roses 1:31 Read by Karen V.
Avatar 1:14 Read by Alan Mapstone
Impression 1:21 Read by nighthawks
Paudheen's Fairy 1:58 Read by E.J. Lavery
Spring Song 2:17 Read by Availle
The Land of Laissez Faire 5:28 Read by Tomas Peter
Players 1:45 Read by Alan Mapstone
Blanchelys 4:45 Read by Larry Wilson
Over The Wine 3:08 Read by Kurt
Bacchanalian 2:02 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Old Bohemian 2:52 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Poet and the Muse 3:08 Read by Alan Mapstone
Adieu, Bohemia! 2:55 Read by Tomas Peter
The Requiter 1:10 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Titania 1:34 Read by Wayne Cooke
The Tryst 5:57 Read by Tomas Peter
The Slain 1:00 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Message 1:36 Read by Deandra
Woman 1:34 Read by TJ Burns
Elizabeth 0:49 Read by Alan Mapstone
The Woman at the Washtub 2:00 Read by Anthony Joseph
Atlas 3:32 Read by Alan Mapstone
Freedom and Fate 0:49 Read by Tomas Peter
Isis 2:05 Read by Alan Mapstone
The South Wind 1:18 Read by Phil Schempf
The Little House 1:37 Read by Soeun (Kelly) Park
Earth and Sea 3:47 Read by Jayhawk1900
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The Muses of Australia 3:58 Read by Son of the Exiles
When London Calls 2:42 Read by Paul Harvey
After Sunset 3:13 Read by Phil Schempf
Mavourneen 1:20 Read by E.J. Lavery
Anna 1:52 Read by Larry Wilson
The Green Harper 2:25 Read by E.J. Lavery
An Old Tune 1:12 Read by Tomas Peter
Pictures 1:16 Read by Deandra
The Lost Muse 3:50 Read by Algy Pug
The Forest 2:06 Read by Algy Pug
In A Far Country 1:03 Read by Algy Pug
In Arcady 3:57 Read by Alan Mapstone
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''Aux Pauvres Diables!'' 3:51 Read by Sonia
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Disillusion 1:58 Read by Deandra
The Other Side 2:52 Read by Ellies
Keepsakes 2:01 Read by Deandra
Sorrow Go Down With The Sun! 1:10 Read by Tomas Peter
Remonstrance 1:51 Read by Ellies
Visions of the Rain 1:44 Read by Tomas Peter
The End of the World 1:48 Read by Deandra
Faith 0:34 Read by Ellies
Philosophy 0:40 Read by Ellies
Saint Francis II 0:38 Read by Ellies
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Forty Year 4:09 Read by Sarah B
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Hygeia 1:44 Read by Tomas Peter
The Old Men Sit By Me 3:11 Read by Wayne Cooke
Ill 1:22 Read by Meg Bernardo
The Grey Hour 0:52 Read by Tomas Peter
To My Soul 2:14 Read by Larry Wilson
Finis 1:31 Read by Algy Pug