The Science - History of the Universe Vol. 8: Mathematics

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Multi-volume work on science edited by Francis Rolt-Wheeler. The eighth volume is on Pure Mathematics written by L. Leland Locke and on Mathematical Applications written by Dr. Franz Bellinger. An introduction was written by Professor Cassius J. Keyser with a special section on the Foundation of Mathematics. The Pure Mathematics section discusses numbers - its conception and calculations, as well as different areas of mathematics - algebra, geometry, trigonometry. The last section goes into the different applications of mathematics. - Summary by Sienna (10 hr 18 min)


Introduction 6:49 Read by Wayne Cooke
Number, Part 1 31:49 Read by Justin
Number, Part 2 25:23 Read by Justin
Calculation, Part 1 24:04 Read by realisticspeakers
Calculation, Part 2 21:44 Read by realisticspeakers
Powers of Numbers, Part 1 16:13 Read by AKHILSSJ2
Powers of Numbers, Part 2 21:28 Read by Marya James
Algebra, Part 1 26:04 Read by Kurt
Algebra, Part 2 34:10 Read by Kurt
Geometry, Part 1 28:50 Read by Availle
Geometry, Part 2 32:42 Read by Availle
Geometry, Part 3 26:10 Read by Availle
Trigonometry 21:17 Read by Kurt
Analytic Geometry, Part 1 22:23 Read by Marya James
Analytic Geometry, Part 2 27:36 Read by Marya James
Foundations of Mathematics, Part 1 25:40 Read by Samikshaya Ananthakrishnan
Foundations of Mathematics, Part 2 20:32 Read by Adrienne Prevost
Foundations of Mathematics, Part 3 18:15 Read by Adrienne Prevost
Foundations of Mathematics, Part 4 20:32 Read by Adrienne Prevost
Early Non-Mechanical Applications 28:04 Read by Marya James
Chronology and Horology, Part 1 15:11 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Chronology and Horology, Part 2 17:57 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Surveying and Navigation 34:36 Read by Marya James
Mechanical Principles 23:23 Read by Marya James
Machines 23:30 Read by Availle
Aviation 24:22 Read by Availle