The Truth About Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich

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Sermon about Third Reich Germany.


Hitler sermon 59:26


Extremely informative!

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For as many books, documents & talks with folks I've had around Europe & America, rarely do you get to hear the other side of the story. I've heard many of these same things from older people who lived through or had stories from their loved ones during WW1 & WW2. Unfortunately the winners of wars write the narrative they want to sell to the public. So many people forget that Germany was a nation with it's people to protect & provide for. Despite what many people say, most of the world including the American people did not want a war with Germany at the time. Hitler even pled for peace but Americas elite class & Wall Street had to sell it. Polls from the time showed almost 95% of America did not want war with Germany. The bankers of the UK had to almost force the people into it. It's amazing to me how little people know about history but being ignorant will still shout the narrative they have been spoon-fed by the very government they distrust today.

Uncomfortable Truths

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A forbidden historical look at the other side of the story. The story that cannot be told in the main stream. Also provides some interesting insight into parallels that the US is currently engaged in.

You owe it to yourself to hear both sides

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Also recommended is a documentary called "Greatest Story Never Told" though it's getting harder to find these days.

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Disturbing yet interesting glimpse into the warped reality of the WWII Holocaust deniers, conspiracy theorists, and neo nazism. I’ve always been curious of their notion of "what really happened" and how it possible to believe such theories, given all the survivors and witness testimony (not to mention mass , how some of these can remain supporters of Nazi ideology and proponents of Hitler, knowing the mass genocide

crazy distortion of history

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I do not mind any counterpoint to an argument - or a different viewpoint of history, but these crazy bible thumping nut jobs are beyond belief. Yes, they use a few kernels of truth in their "argument" - but far more lies and crazy conclusions. Perhaps they should simply see Hitler's utter destruction as their god's plan...