The Negro in Literature and Art in the United States

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Noted African-American author and educator, Benjamin Brawley, presents short biographies of other African-Americans in the fields of literature and other arts including poets, artists, musicians, and orators. These range from well known figures such as poets Paul Laurence Dunbar and William Stanley Braithwaite to lesser known artists such as composer Will Marion Cook and sculptor Meta Warrick Fuller. Works from many of the authors discussed are available in the LibriVox catalog. (Summary by Larry Wilson) (4 hr 21 min)


Preface 2:36 Read by Larry Wilson
The Negro Genius 9:07 Read by Wayne Cooke
Phillis Wheatley 35:21 Read by Leannie Rach
Paul Laurence Dunbar 17:36 Read by Andrew Kennedy
Charles W. Chesnutt 7:52 Read by Leannie Rach
W. E. Burghardt Du Bois 8:48 Read by Wayne Cooke
William Stanley Braithwaite 13:27 Read by Andrew Kennedy
Other Writers 26:52 Read by Andrew Kennedy
Orators - Douglass And Washington 19:49 Read by KirksVoice
The Stage 7:22 Read by Wayne Cooke
Painters - Henry O. Tanner 13:38 Read by drandall
Sculptors - Meta Warrick Fuller 18:48 Read by Andrew Kennedy
Music 19:26 Read by Olivia Darla
General Progress 1918-1921 20:00 Read by drandall
Charles S. Gilpin 9:27 Read by MsToniHillK
Appendix The Negro In American Fiction 31:19 Read by Andrew Kennedy