Helen Lester

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(4.7 stars; 38 reviews)

Twelve year old Helen is determined to be a good girl, but the harder she tries, the worse her days go. Is there any hope? And what made such a change in the life of her grown-up brother in the seven years he was away from home? Little do the Lesters know what a pivotal year this will be in each of their lives.

This is the first book ever published by Isabella (Macdonald) Alden whose pen name was Pansy. (Summary by HannahMary) (2 hr 20 min)


A Day of Troubles 20:17 Read by Hannah Mary
Brother Cleveland 13:55 Read by Nancy Halper
Brother Fred 4:32 Read by Jeeli
A Happy Day 11:10 Read by amshanahan
An Unhappy Day 16:49 Read by Jael
Fred Discovers that he is a Coward 9:19 Read by Krissywissy
Upward 3:54 Read by Krissywissy
For Jesus' Sake 8:58 Read by Lily
Captain Fred 13:15 Read by Kathleen Moore
Helen and Louise 8:02 Read by Kathleen Moore
Captain Fred Gains a Victory 6:53 Read by Jael
Eddie's Good-Night 7:44 Read by TriciaG
Eddie's Serpent 3:09 Read by Lily
Another Happy Day 9:32 Read by Alisha Chopra
A Whole Year 3:22 Read by Alisha Chopra


A Bit Preachy

(3 stars)

Not only is the book preachy, but the author breaks the '4th wall' far too often, addressing the audience directly. But it's Pansy's first book, and as she continued writing, she improved. I had no problem with the narration.

very disappointed with accent of reader hard to understand

(1 stars)